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Todome's Tail Gaining-Nibi- Gaining The First Tail. WIP

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Todome's Tail Gaining-Nibi- Gaining The First Tail. WIP

Post by Todome Levina on Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:39 am

It was a misty day in the land of snow, the mountains in the distance with clouds touching their tips, drifting by without a care in the world, their only purpose to disperse rain here and there.
Todome wished he was a cloud.
A steady trudging is heard in the snow, trails of a pair of sandals are visable in the icy ground, next to the tracks are several pairs of long lines, indicating travelling caravans.

Todome sighs and looks around at the caravan convoy.
His mission was to protect and escort the convoy to the nearby village, to tell the truth he didn't see what the big deal was, the caravan seemed like it didn't need to be guarded due to several crossbowmen stationed at windows in the sides of the caravans and swordsmen riding alongside it on horses, all of whom seemed to be experts at their profession.

He once again surveys the many craters in the snow for anyone who may be hiding there, to no avail.
Jesus, we've been walking for hours, I actually HOPE someone attacks. He thinks to himself, well, not exactly to 'himself' as since his birth he had never had a single private thought.
Be careful what you wish for... Says the Nibi mysteriously, but Todome ignores it as he was used to hearing his bijuu say weird things.

Todome's confusion was soon cleared up. It started out subtly, with slight movements in the snow and trees which Todome ignored at first.
Something catches Todome's eye and he runs to the front of the caravan, holding his arm out to the side, stopping the caravans and waiting.
Many spots in the snow about twenty metres infront of them moves, then builds up to reveal hundreds of bandits that were hiding under there.

Todome's eyes widen in shock as he sees the bandits charge 'en masse' as the convoy as the swordsmen ride to meet the in combat. Blood flies and swords swing, but in the end, they were no match for the bandits' superior numbers.
What the hell is in the caravans that makes the bandits want them so much? Wodners Todome, already stringing together handseals, but not quick enough, as the bandits pull out crossbows and fire at the caravans. Nothing happens for a few seconds when the bolts strike before Todome notices with a sense of dread, that there were explosive tags attached to the bolts.

Wood and metal fly as the bolts explode, several limbs and chucks of flesh and blood fly everywhere, splattering Todome's face as he finishes his string of handseals and the ground raises to form a large ridge infront of the bandits, with the convoy safely on top. Todome pulls off some more seals and the earth all over the ridge liquifies and becomes mud, which fly at the opponents, knocking back and taking out a few before they get their bearings together and attach some other knid of bolt to their crossbows. They aim at the top of the ridge and fire with strings attached to their bolts, which strike the edge of the ridge and begin to pull, lifting them up and to the top of the ridge, where they pull out swords and run at the remaining caravans and Todome.

Todome begins by tossing three kunai at the oncoming enemies, slowing down three of them before he jumps back to put some room inbetween them.
Todome makes more handseals and a dragon head of mud appears, spewing a jet of pressurized mud at the bandits, knocking them back and killing a few weakened ones. The bandits reach him and begin slashing as him, hitting him in the arm, back, legs and left shoulder.

Todome falls to one knee as the bandits stand around him and laugh mockingly, Aw, looks like he's about to cry! Teases one bandit in a motherly voice, this simply angered Todome more.
Todome, free me, we will annihiliate your enemies together. Says the Nibi.
Yeah, ok then... Do it. Replies Todome, releasing his restraints of Nibi almost completely.

Todome's flesh glows a blue hue and the cloak of the Nibi forms around him.
You're about to regret...what you just did. They say together, standing up and grinning.

Blood flies in all directions as Todome lays onto the enemies, tearing them all to pieces within a minute before returning to normal.
Todome looks around at the broken caravans and dead guards.
Mission failed, I guess. Sighs Todome, secretly glad of the new power he had obtained from this experience.

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