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Kamikoro Mabi

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Kamikoro Mabi

Post by MissxFuckxthisxshit on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:43 am

Name: Kamikoro, Mabi
Age 18
Rank: Chunnin
Village: Missing Nin- Konohagakure

Appearance: Short, red hair, grey eyes. Constantly mistaken as 'Sasori', but he's not. Tattoo of Scorpion on his right pelvis. He has a strange sense of fashion, but, he always keeps his junk from hanging out and doesn't like showing anything in the pelvis area. Mabi is into punk clothing.

Personality Mabi is out-going, mellow, and friendly. Sometimes, is appears as through many things don’t faze hi, when in fact, they do. Mabi is calm in tough times (from his mother), and reliable. Mabi isn’t a playboy, but girls sometimes flock to him, and since he was raised in a home that mostly consisted of men (his father lived with his friends), he doesn’t have much experience with them and sometimes panics, but otherwise, he boasts about how much of a chick-magnet he is to his father’s friends to spite them. Mabi loves it when people are happy, and it makes him happy too, plus, he’s optimistic, always looking at the positive, even in the negative times. He is patient and takes his time in any task.
Alignment Good

History: Mabi is the offspring of a fling, but aside from this, his mother loves him just as much as she does his half-brother. Mabi and his brother grew up separately; Mabi stayed with his father until he was 15, and decided to leave home in search of his mother, and finally found her elsewhere, but aside from him feeling he was out of place and unwanted, she happily took him in and raised her along side his brother, who was a year older than him. Mabi and his brother get along greatly, even though they are half brothers and come from different fathers, they have a great bond. A year after they met, both of them made an oath that if one of them vanished from the world, the other would take their place and fulfill their goal.

Mabi went to the Land of Snow to train, and tried to train in the mountains, but passed out and woke up in a hut. The person who saved him, turned out to be something called a ‘Wish Granter’- someone who went around and fulfilled wishes for others- their deepest hearts’ desire, and if they did it enough, they were allowed a chance to become a star. This was the moment Mabi found his true calling. He was always happy when others were happy, so it was perfect! After this, he left and went from village to village, doing odd things. Having taken an interest in charms, he helped people with their luck, rid them of curses, and granted wishes.

Mabi wound up in Konoha and was unhappy as most of its residents were unhappy. So, he took up residence there, and began his wishing business. But at one point, he was accused of being in cahoots with a suspicion Organization, and left. Mabi travelled around, filling people’s desires, and collected ‘Dearies’ from his clients. ‘Dearies’ are possessions that one treasures. He doesn’t exchange these for money, but he does assassination missions for income.

But when it became difficult for him to kill people rather silently, without leaving a trace (someone saw him once), he went to his mother for assistance. In turn, he was schooled in the Puppet Arts, and he made his own puppet called ‘Hana-akuma’ (Devil-Flower). Mabi has worked hard to keep his puppet in tip-top shape, even going as far as to give it Human skin, over its puppet structure. He uses a combination of herbs and preservation chemicals to keep the skin from rotting and dying, or becoming old in anyway. Some mistake her for a real person.

While on his ‘Wish Granting’ Pilgrimage, He received word that his mother being hospitalized in Konoha and went to see her. Upon arrival, he also was informed his brother had been in a horrible accident after getting in a fight with their Uncle, and his mother’s husband was in jail. Mabi was saddened about the entire situation, but was overjoyed upon meeting the girl his brother had a crush on, and attempted to get them together, but failed miserably. Fortunately, although battered, his brother returned safely and his mother’s husband released from jail. After, he returned to his pilgrimage.

Mabi travels light, only staying a month in each town he visits. Lessons from his father- always pay in cash. Mabi was told that is he does 1000 good deeds, he’ll become a ‘Celestial Wish Giver’. A Wish Giver who has earned themselves immortality for their good deeds. Unfortunately, he needs a few more to get that rank- 389 more, to be exact.

Bloodline Kamikoro
Specialty: spiritually attuned, Taijutsu
Element: Water,
Goals: Wants to be recognized for his good deeds and become an official Wish Giver. Also wants to settle down in a small cottage by a river somewhere nice and isolated, find a wife, have kids, and live a peaceful life with steady income that he’ll make himself so his future wife can stay home with his future kids.

Rp Sample:

Mabi hid in a tree some place a little aways from where his actual target away, Hana-Akuma, in the street of the village, but in his sight range. Precision was needed for this mission, and if he slipped up once, making even a single twitch of Hana-Akuma's odd, it was all over, as the puppet strolled over to their target, clinging to his arm. With several days' worth of scoping out the target's life and behavior, plus, the places he visited most, Mabi held more information that he really needed, but, made use of it all the while. the man had a tendency to go to the gentlemen's club every night, and give presents to the lady who danced with him. Mabi silently hid behind a building, as his puppet drew the client into the gentlemen's club, and Mabi stayed outside. Manipulating a puppet to dance on a stripper pole was slightly difficult, but, if he keeped an eye on where the puppet was going and the man's reactions, then maybe, just mabye, Hana-Akuma had scored herself a new upgrade.

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