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Kaku, The Second Tail (1600 Words Approx.)

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Kaku, The Second Tail (1600 Words Approx.)

Post by Adlet Kyūketsuki on Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:37 am

It was dark outside, there was no light in the area as there was a new moon high in the sky, it was very faint and could just be made out due to the slightly lighter background of the sky. There were very few stars thought Adlet as he rode in the carriage he was supposed to be protecting, staring out the window, watching the night sky through the multiplitude of evergreen trees, more specifically pine trees, the must have stood at least thirty foot tall.

The carriage hit a pot hole and the inhabitants fell and jerked around the cabin, from the front, the voice of the moustached man, holding the reins could be heard shouting an apology.

Adlet watched as the others sat on there seats once again, while he continued to stare out of the window. Grrrr Kaku growled, Adlet raised his eyes up and right as if trying to see into his own brain. He pondered for a moment attempting to work out Kaku’s intent before deciding it was a hopeless cause. He continued to stare from out of the window and another jerk.

The man holding the reins said, “Erm, that wasn’t the road.”
Adlet shot bolt upright at the comment. One of the ‘high society’ men shouted,
“What was it then?”
“A wheel burst into flames, I had to jettison it, it was possibly just a cigar of the road though, it could have even been a jagged rock, these wheels burst into flames like its no mans business,” He chuckled and said, “We better pull over so I can replace it.”

Adlet hesitantly relaxed and the other men continued their loud conversation. The forest was now getting denser, not to mention darker. The forest floor began to become more visible as the coach slowed, it was very thick now, it would be very hard to escape through it. Kaku growled again. The coach continued to slow.

A black shadow could be seen in the forest, behind the thicket. Adlet’s eyes met the dark figure’s, he averted his eyes quickly, “Fu…” he began to swear but thought better of it, “Sharingan!” he said.

The other three wheels burst into flames, the driver let out a scream of pain and then, the whole carriage set on fire.

The second the carriage was at a speed that was reasonable to force the men to jump out, they did. Adlet drew his katana. The men were mumbling about what a sharingan was until Adlet said “It’s something that’s going to kill you if you don’t start running.”

“But where do we go?” said one of the men slightly shaky but trying desperately to appear brave. Adlet waved them back slightly, sheathing his sword at the same time and began to perform a couple of hand signs. He inhaled a massive amount of air and from him lungs shot a giant fireball which shot its way through the forest, burning a path and toppling trees as it went.

The men looked puzzled.
“Down there you idiots!” Adlet screamed at them.
They ran down the path carved into the earth, by now, the fireball a had dissipated.
“Kage Bushin No Jutsu!” Shouted Adlet at the same time he made a hand sign. At least twenty clones appeared, one of which gathered the men together and began to perform hand signs.

A sphere of Earth rose up around them and the clone.
“Why did you trap yourself in here you idiot!” said one of the men to the clone.
“It can be used as a defensive method of offensive method,” said the clone, “I trapped myself in here so I can hold up the wall without getting killed, as the only way to destroy the wall is to kill the user, me, or the user of Shadow clone.” The clone concluded.

One of the men kicked the wall, “The inside is weaker than the outside if used defensively, and the opposite way around if used as a prison,” The clone said as a chunk of mud fell from the wall. Before the man could remove his foot, the wall had already healed itself, “If someone on the inside attempts to damage it will return stronger, good luck getting your foot out of there by the way.”

The man struggled until he said, “Please, let me out,”
The clone laughed and said, “It doesn’t usually do that,” his expression went dull, “Don't It Again!” the clone screamed at the man. Whom whimpered pathetically falling onto the floor as he was released.

The hooded figures outside all appeared infront of the Adlets, the one in the middle, with the sharingan eyes whispered something to the man stood to his right. A couple of the Adlets drew the katana’s but only one of them had a blue spark pass down the blade into. Avoiding the gaze of the Sharingan, Adlet spoke, “Who are you?” bolts of lightening shot from the end of his sword, only small but very powerful, they were no more than a few inches.
“I, I am an assassin, I have been ordered to kill those men, but it seems its going to be a bit harder with you around,”
Adlet rose his gaze to meet the assassin’s, Mangekyo Sharingan he thought.
“How are you not affected by my sharingan?” The assassin asked annoyed and inpatient.
One of the clones stepped forward before Adlet had the chance to say anything, “A very powerful manipulation of the air through electronic waves, I doubt you would understand the full details but in layman’s terms, all we see as you eyes are just black spots. There is also a slight manipulation of the brain but I wont go into that.”

“We are going to have to do it the hard way then. Chidori!” The assassin screamed making a couple of hand signs. He whispered something to the man next to him. One of Adlet’s clones, the one holding the katana, sliced the end man in half, after complicatedly sneaking up behind him. He just turned to smoke which slowly floated away in the weak wind.
“They are all clones,” Adlet said under his breath.
“Congratulations,” said the man to the right of the sharingan, the one he had been whispering too, “You have won today’s prize for killing the clone!” He laughed at his own joke, yet none of the others even let a smile.
“Not quite,” said the assassin, “just the end ones, they are the main target as they are on the ends.”

The man who previously had his foot in the wall, slowly and shakily stood onto his feet. Rubbing his skull, where he had banged it against the wall when he fell. The clone steadily pressed his hand against the wall not letting it fall or the wall would become weak.

The man stood next to the recently killed clone turned on his right foot at the same time as he drew his kunai. The clone ducked, driving the katana upwards through his legs. The man jumped into the air, he landed in a tree and launched multiple shuriken at the clone, the clone dodged most of them, but without the lightening speed of the real Adlet he could not help to get hit by at least one, and when he did, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.
“What incredible clones you have,” said the assassin. “Phoenix Fire!” he screamed and things that appeared to look like meteors shot from the sky, leaving only three clones and Adlet himself left.

There were four massive pounding sound from outside the sphere of earth. The men shook and one of the dared to ask, “What was that?”
To which, the clone replied that he did not know but they were in no danger.

As quickly as the dents appeared in the wall, they disappeared again. Being reformed by the earth.

The few remaining clones except for the one holding up the barrier disappeared.

Suddenly, Adlet stood before the gigantic monster once again. “Release me Adlet,” it said, “Release me,”
Reluctantly, Adlet released his restraints upon the beast.

Dark blue chakra began to pour from Adlets body beginning to form the cloak of Kaku, one tail began to form. The assassin let out a slight laugh before truly realizing what it was. He swore and turned to run, but his feet sank into the ground, he fell over at almost the exact time as his other three companions. He began to hack away at the earth.

The second tail began to form; the lightning sword lay on the ground. Adlet, with a mixture of walking and ‘crawling’ crossed twenty of the yards towards the many lying on the floor, who with one last attempt, threw his katana at Adlet, the sword crumpled against the cloak and Adlet laughed at the man in his weakness, slowly being sucked into the earth. “Lets make your misery slightly shorter shall we.”

Adlet crossed the remaining distance, only a couple of yards of so and the preformed a couple of hand signs, “Earth Prison Jutsu!” he cried, rather insanley. Earth rose around the four men and then sunk under the ground.

During the long walk to their destination, one of the men asked, “How come you didn’t have to touch that prison thing but your clone did?”
“Because I was in two tails.”

Another asked if he was just going to leave them there,
“No, they choked to death, there is no air in underground Earth Prison, unless I so choose to allow a circulation.”
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