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Hisa Hyuuga

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Hisa Hyuuga

Post by Hisa on Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:50 am

Name: Hyuuga, Hisa

Age: 17

Rank: Genin

Village: Konohagakure

Apperance: avi

Personality: Hisa can act very tough and vey cold but when you get to know her well you can see how lovable and caring she really is. She is extremely smart and is sly too. Hisa is also a very quick thinker. Though she can be considered reckless she is also considered to one of the strongest Hyuuga members.

Alignment: Good and evil

History: Hisa was born into one of the branch families in the Hyuuga clan therefore when she turned 4 years old the Hyuuga curse mark was implanted on her forehead. This curse mark is used to destory the brain cells after the member is dead to stop others from learning the secrets of the Hyuuga clan. The Hyuuga curse mark is also used by the main family to keep the branch families under their control since it causes extreme pain. The curse mark can be used at will by the main house family members. This curse mark has taught Hisa to be obident to the main house since it has once been used on her when she acted out. This has made Hisa dispises the main house because she believed that they should not have power over the branch families.

When Hisa was 6 1/2 years old she became a skillful and her family was proud of what she had become. When she was 7 years old she started the academy. While in the academy Hisa learned the Hyuuga fighting style known as "Gentle Fist." Hisa was extremely talented in the use of gentle Fist which helped her become more powerful. Hisa graduated from the academey at top of her class at age 10.

Hisa never had a team. After graduating from the academy she began practicing to further improve her gentle fist. Hisa practiced in the woods to make sure that no one could see her fighting style. Hisa now wants to look for a team so she can pass the chunnin exams. Even though the village considers Hisa a genin she is really at chunnin or even jonin level

Bloodline: Hyuuga

Specialty: Taijutsu, mental intuned

Element: Earth, Water

Goals: Too become a strong and powerful ninja

Rp Sample: Hisa walked through the wide streets of Konohagakure just finishing up with her gentle fist training, watching all the people in the streets walk by her slowly taking notice of her large white eyes and of her beauty. As Hisa tightened her leaf ninja headband covering her cursemark she continued to walk. Hisa walked into a flower shop.
"Hello i would like to purchase some roses please" Hisa smiles
The lady behind the countar smiles and says "sure" she then takes six roses and wraps them up and hands them to Hisa " that will be 300 ryo" the woman says.
Hisa places 300 ryo on the countar and smiles "thank you."
Hisa walks out of the store and continues down the street not minding anyone she passes by.

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Re: Hisa Hyuuga

Post by Todome Levina on Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:12 am

Ok I know i'm not a mod but your RP sample was completely boring.
Also, 'good and evil' is neutral.

Todome Levina

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