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Kaku, The First Tail (1150 Words Approx.)

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Kaku, The First Tail (1150 Words Approx.)

Post by Adlet Kyūketsuki on Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:47 pm

Adlet stood almost entirely still, a cold, hard expression on his face. It was warm outside, however, there was a storm brewing on the horizon, it looked thick and heavy and by the wind would be there by night-fall, that would be when he would strike. He prepared himself, making sure all of his weapons were easily accessible. He began to meditate in the tower, where he sat silently. He had a long wait. The sun temporarily disappeared behind a small white cloud, but it did not fall dark, as the powerful sun shone through thin cloud, making it appear as a light source itself. Adlet averted his gaze and closed his eyes once again.
Soon, soon Kaku spoke in Adlet’s brain. Adlet, slightly puzzled by what the demon meant, quickly dispelled the issue on the terms that Kaku was an evil, impatient demon.

The wind began to pick up and the temperature quickly dropped but the sun still shone through the slowly increasing amount of clouds. A noise from the stairs, Adlet spun his head around. He saw shadows through his eyes. Shit Adlet thought to himself. He preformed a few hand seals and is a small plume of smoke, he transformed into a squirrel. He jumped up onto the ledge of the small window, The seal shows through the fur! he thought. He turned into the view, stood on his hind legs, trying to look behind him as the footsteps got closer and closer. They got louder and louder until they reached the climax and began to fade,
“That was a strange squirrel, it didn’t even twitch at us.”
A growl came from inside Adlet, Why didn’t you kill them they were most likely just pathetic little Genin!?
Adlet ignored Kaku and turned back into a human, “Five O’clock, it will be dark soon.”

The clouds were now but a few miles away and the wind was increasing in strength. I wonder if the increased wind will improve this guy’s Justus… I’ve heard that he is a wind shinobi. Adlet thought. Kaku however was on an entirely different subject. I wonder if those clouds are caused by Raijuu, unlikely, but he did used to annoy me, his in the only chakra I can’t destroy… only channel it back into the Earth. Where he can use it again.Unfortunately for you, it is doubtful that you are going to fight him because of that

The clouds where almost on top of them, and the sun was about to set. When suddenly, there target appeared walking through the gates of the city, away from the city. What felt like something inside of him lurched forwards, it felt like his stomach was being ripped apart. “This makes it easier,” Adlet said grabbing onto his stomach squeezing it attempitg to surpass the pain. Then it stopped.

Adlet left the tower and headed out through the city gates. Passing the houses, people staring at him through the windows, wondering what he was doing out in a storm of this magnitude. He passed through the city gates, where the guards warned him of the storm, all he did was grunt and continue on his way. They told him it was madness, but he still continued towards the man in black.
“You wont get away this time,” Adlet’s speech directed at the man but un-audible due to the wind. He continued to chase the man in black, continually quickening his pace and they passed through the forest.

Adlet wanted the aspect of surprise and so dared not run towards the man. But he was gaining. The winds increased further, now there were twigs and leaves flying across the path. The sun had set now, it was made even darker with the light from the reflective moon being suppressed by that of the almost black clouds.

Adlet looked to the right, “Just a rabbit…”
Adlet fell to his knees, a wooden Bo staff had whacked him on the back on the knees. The man in black stood over him, he made a few hand signs and Adlet became encased within a prison of water, he was unable to move, even unable to speak.
“Do you like it?” The man in black asked, “It’s my own variation on Water Prison Jutsu, firstly, you can speak so I don’t have to listen to you annoying voice, and secondly, it doesn’t requite a large body of water, I generate the water through my arm… Oh, and you cant breath.”

The man in black took down his hood, revealing and old, withered face; the small amount of hair on his head was white, matching that of his beard. Bubbles shot from Adlet’s nose. “How long can you hold you breath for, grandson? I’m going to guess about two minutes.”

Come on Adlet, show at least somebody of my existence, I’m fed up of people calling you weak when really you have the seven tailed god within you. He’s going to die anyway if you release me. Kaku began to laugh hysterically and rather menacingly. Adlet ignored him.
“So you have come to try and kill your grandfather again now that you a Jounin… What did I do again, oh yes, I Killed Your Brother!” He began to chuckle to himself.

Another array of air bubbles left Adlet’s body, and he passed out.

Adlet stood in front of the giant Badger, his long, needle like teeth glaring, they were thin, capable of ripping something apart within seconds. Behind the badger, seven tails swished around through the air. Nothing was there, only darkness, Kaku and Adlet.
“Come on Adlet, release me!”
“No, you will destroy the city!”
“No, you will have control of me, for some time at least anyway.”
The dagger looking teeth menacingly opening and closing, they could pierce anything.
“Are you ready, it is either this, or you die!”
Adlet looked down at the solid beneath him, it wasn’t visible, all there was was blackness. “Ok.”

Blue bubbles began to leak from Adlet, beginning to take the form of a badger around him, one tail began to form behind him.
“Wha-What is this?” said the elderly man, wide-eyed. He pulled his hand from the water prison, the water splattered on the ground.
“This Grandfather, this is the god of all earth.”
“So you the missing jinchuri… no, no… nooo!” He began to scream as Adlet approached him. Two massive plates of earth rose from the ground, still carrying trees, grass and other wildlife.
“Die old man!” Adlet screamed. The plates crumpled and began to fall onto the man. He held his hand up and blew a few of the rocks away, but then the larger rocks came, crushing him. One final scream and the man was dead.

Adlet smiled. The chakra dissipated and Adlet ran towards the city. Thinking of a way to explain the massive plates, surely everyone would have seen it.
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