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Sousuke's tail training (Number 4, 3250 count)

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Sousuke's tail training (Number 4, 3250 count)

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:30 am

Sousuke sat above the village on a rock out cropping that over looked the dazzling morning. a gentle fog covered the ground as the cool air mixed with the hot sun's wake up call. Small mammals crept across the ground making a few rustles here and there as birds woke up and began their routine of providing background music. Peaceful enough sousuke thought to himself as he mentally prepared himself for today's training. with a few hand signs Sousuke's body began to subtly change. fur grew out along his arms and muscles rippled beneath his skin. bones lengthened and shortened and his facial features enlongated. after several seconds Sousuke stood in his wolf form. 200 pounds of man became 200 pounds of lupine fury and his fur glistened against the morning sun. Sousuke looked up briefly before shaking himself off and stretching. This was one of a few reasons he had been given the name 'The White Wolf of Waterfall' among other names.

Letting out a slight howl he waited before hearing a second howl in response as Kaze realized he was late again. The large wolf barreled out of the forest near the village scaring all the critters on the ground half to death as he made the climb up to sousuke by bounding back and forth across the rocky face of Takigakure. In a final leap he landed with a certain grace a few feet from Sousuke with his tails swishing anxiously behind him. Sousuke eyed him for a minute before tackling him and pinning him to the ground biting his ear. Kaze yelped and kicked as Sousuke reminded him who set the schedules and finally the two seperated to begin the training. Sousuke slipped back into his mind where Gobi's seal was and carefully unlocked the first of the rune scarred chains around Gobi's front legs. Of the five seals this one looked the weakest as the second bound Houkou's back legs and the third it's chest. the fourth held it's collar and the fifth seal held it's tails in place.

Outside Sousuke felt the creeping warmth of Gobi's chakra as it enveloped his body. the complete blanketing of his body in chakra was an absolute peace-filled feeling. Kaze had taken to sitting in front of Sousuke, his tails still swishing anxiously behind him as he watched. Sousuke's eyes snapped open as he completed the first tail's release. He let out a soft yip and kaze stood up letting his first chakra cloak cover his furry body. as the two stood above the village a few villagers below let out murmurs of excitement and watched the two begin sparring. Growling and snarling issued from above the village as sousuke tackled kaze biting down harshly on his scruff. Kaze meanwhile hooked his back leg under Sousuke's body and pushed off launching Sousuke up and over him. Kaze's body glowed a pinkish red color as a second tail twitched behind him slowly being covered in chakra. Sousuke's seal became instantly visible as he gripped the chain binding the beast's back legs. "Alright Girl behave for me huh? maybe after I have control you won't need these seals." he said speaking in a soft tone.The large Wolf bijuu stretched in his mind's eye and barked at him.

As Houkou's unearthly bark came out Sousuke's eyes snapped back to the world with an identical bark sounding from Kaze's muzzle. A quick survey of his chakras found him at the peak of his second tail and he bared his teeth in a ghastly grin. he stood on his hind legs and reversed the transformation as Kaze barreled towards him at speeds that reminded Sousuke of the wind. he could still remember vaguely how he found the poor mutt in the cave behind the village's waterfall. He had seen the cave from above often enough to wonder what it was and and after mastering Earth Seigyokijutsus he had the ability to reach it. barely 10 at the time the sight of the white wolf having been chained to the floor almost made him topple from the entrance. Slowly he walked forward after his knees unlocked from fear. he reached a hand slowly and placed it on the wolf's head eliciting a waking yawn from the bound creature. taking a quick look at the lock he filled it with dirt and decompressed it quickly causing the lock to bust apart suddenly.

As the lock shattered and the chains draped over the wolf's body fell to the side sousuke noticed it's five tails begin fluttering softly behind it. in his memory kazo pounced on him and begin licking his face about the time kaze reached him in the present time. as the burly wolf's paws connected with Sousuke's chest this time however Sousuke jumped letting the momentum of the wolf carry him backwards into a flip. when Sousuke was completely upside down he gripped the wolf's stomach and gave a light shove sending the wolf away as he jerked his fist downwards as if pulling a hidden rope. the ground his feet neared came up suddenly connecting and launching Sousuke. Kaze landed on his feet digging his claws deeply into the ground as he tore after Sousuke again. in the air Sousuke's form bent crudely as he flipped and landed hard on the ground sending a shockwave towards the wolf.


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