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Unagai clan techs

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Unagai clan techs

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:32 am

Name: Seigyokijutsu Literally Controller Technique
Rank: S Unique to Unagai clan tattoo
Range Medium for lower users and Far ranges for advanced users.
Type: Elemental manipulation
Elemental affinity Depends on user's choice
Users: Unagai clan or Tattoo bearers

Description: Allows the user to manipulate elements around them like using water for whips or ice, controlling wind, blasting fire and lightning. It is a passive technique allowing the user to manipulate elements with hand motions. if the user cannot move techniques are rendered useless. Fire can be blasted from hands and feet on par with Housenka no Jutsu

Name: Seigyoki Tama ~ Controller Sphere (hopefully
Rank: A
Range: Close
Elemental Affinity: Unagai
Description: with this technique the user begins collecting Elemental material from the air around the in the first post a boulder is compressed to the size of a small grape, water is gathered and frozen onto the pebble/boulder growing large spikes on it's surface, the user creates three ring of concentrated blue fire which set in between the spikes, the second post is the attack post and the sphere completes itself with 40+ MPH winds surrounding the core as well as a static field over that.

Drawbacks: because this is such a strong technique it does take a longer time to produce and it still has to come within ten feet of the intended victim.

Name: Oodama Seigyokijutsu ~ Big Ball Controller Technique
Rank: S
Range: Far
Elemental Affinity: Unagai
Description: User forms a protective shield of wind around themselves inside of this shield the user forms three rings of fire and compresses ten boulders to the size of a softball. the user also gathers and compresses four rings of water inside the fire rings. the newly formed rocks for two outer rings which revolve around the user. this gives the user all five elements with which to work. this ball lasts for as long as it takes to use all the materials and has a 5 post cool down before it can be used again. during the second usage the user will need to user a separate post for each element in order to complete it.

Drawbacks: poor visibility and massive cooldown 5+ and exhaustion factors One use leave user unable to use Seigyokijutsu for a post after the materials run out, second leaves them near dead if they can complete it.

Name: Expansion point, Prime Guardian's Shield
Rank: B
Range: Close
Description: User forms one Orb in front of them without a bow. the orb expands rapidly until the user is inside of it. the shield is impenetrable by normal means even by air. if not released the user will suffocate in three posts Can be shattered with an A/S Rank Jutsu

Name: Expansion point, YinYang Splitting Faction
Rank: B
Range: Cloning technique
Description: user forms two orbs on of which becomes Black the other stays White. a yinyang appears in the air which splits along with the person themselves. on clone takes on a color inversion of sorts and both people have yinyangs on their foreheads. unlike normal clones these are not dismissible unless they join back together by touch whether willingly or not doesn't matter

Any damage dealt to the clones is dealt back to the user afterwards. These clones are as strong as the user with Half of the user's chakra apiece. they can use any technique the user can and 2/3 regular power and can take as much damage as the user originally could before dieing. if a clone dies the user dies

Name: Focal Point, Three Guardian's Forest Wind
Rank: A
Range: Far
Description: User does the afore mentioned finger positions and draws a circle leaving three orbs behind. these turn Emerald and collapse inward. the user will punch it sending it towards the target with the strength of hurricane force winds.

Name: Expansion Point, Four Guardians Opposition
Rank: B
Range: Close expansion to Mid
Description: user pivots on their heel leaving four orbs around them these turn blue and expand to Isosceles triangles meeting at the top. from here the technique expands with the top still joined this technique is unblockable except for the diagonals where there is no shield

Name: Focal Point, Five Guardian's Dark Fire
Rank: A
Range: Close
Description: user extends their index finger and draws a circle releasing 5 orbs. the orbs turn to Garnet and collapse inwards before burning up as black fire. this can be thrown or handled as chidori but burns hot enough to melt steel. this technique's fire only lasts one post

If wielded like chidori user may suffer second degree burn if the technique is not thrown or discharged away from the user

Name: Focal Point, Six Guardian's Quiet Stream
Rank: A
Range: Mid
Description: User draws a circle like above with Six orbs which turn sapphire blue before collapsing inward and bubbling. user can wield this like chidori but when it hits full strength it explodes out like a spear capable of going through steel This is a synthetic water technique

Name: Expansion Point, Seven Deadly Sins Exploitation
Rank: A
Range: Far
Description: User forms seven orbs which arrange themselves around the user each turns black with the red kanji for Lust, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed, they then link into each other and explode outward in an ethereal wave. the only thing that can stop this is a thin layer of chakra over the body and the Mangekyou Sharingan. if caught in the genjutsu the target will experience hell on earth beginning with a burning sensation in the arms and legs followed by torturous images the genjutsu lasts two posts

This Is a normal Genjutsu on the level of tsukiyomi (but weaker)

Name: Focal Point, Eight Guardians Divine Lotus
Rank: A
Range: Circular close
Description: User forms Eight Orbs which turn bright yellow resembling Topaz. these eight points surround the user in a diamond patter <> and become a translucent barrier. four petals are inside four more outside. this barrier deals double the damage done to it. anything shot at it is reflected back at the same angle and speed lasts one enemy post (Only breakable by an S-Rank Ninjutsu and only usable twice upon third use it degrades in rank to A fourth use B ETC)

Name: Expansion point, Nine Dragons Fire Nova
Rank: A
Range: Close
Description: user forms nine Orbs which begin burning ruby red before taking eight positions around the user with one above. these all begin spinning and spewing fire the fire being spit by the lower orbs in C rank similar to Goukakyou in a steady stream while the above orb showers the area with Housenka type blasts of fire also C rank the lower orbs have a maximum reach of ten feet

Name: Focal point, Ten Guardian's Lightning strike
Rank: A
Range: Far, Spread to 200 feet wide at max length
Description: User extends their index and middle fingers and draws a circle mid air. 10 orbs appear and turn black before collapsing into the center and charging into black lightning. This can be wielded as chidori but when the technique reaches it's height it explodes outward like Cero on bleach the explosion is equal to Gouryuuka no Jutsu

Name: Expansion Point, Eleven Guardians Divine Retribution
Rank: A
Range: Far
Description: User forms eleven orbs around themselves which collide into the user then expand outward. any living being this technique touches receives all the trauma caused to the user split among the touched beings Usage ONCE PER FIGHT this exchanges the damage out of the user healing them and taking the health of those HUMANs touched. If this technique fails to come into contact with anyone it will continue to expand leaving the user paralyzed and soulless until it collapses one post later Massive chakra drain even if it succeeds and leaves the user unable to use any techniques for three posts

Name: Focal Point, Twelve Guardian's Volcanic Earthquake (Nova)
Rank: A
Range: circular Mid
Description: User extends their index and middle fingers and spins in place forming a ring of telve orbs around themselves. these orbs turn black and sink to the ground before collapsing inward. user punches the ground sending a raised ring out. after two feet of expansion the ring become lava and expands outward. Lava cools in two posts
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