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Sousuke Unagai

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Sousuke Unagai

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:06 am

Name: Sousuke Unagai
Age 23
Rank: S-rank Criminal (Akatsuk)
Village: Takigakure

Appearance: Sousuke is tall for his family, standing about 5"10 and weighing about 190 pounds. He is quick on his feet and slightly muscular he has two tattoos, the first is on his back and is the kanji for pain in blood red, the other is on his right arm and is an ivory dragon clutching a blue orb and a black scroll. he has two noticeable scars which form an X over the bridge of his nose. he has blue eyes and silvery long hair that is untidy and gives him an air of "I just got out of bed."

Sousuke wears a black fishnet under a black shirt with a gray flak jacket worn over them and black pants. he has a pendant that depicts a yin yang and in the coloured dots are the kanji for Ivory Dragon and Shadow Cat
Personality Sousuke is a calm person preferring to plan moves deliberately rather than act rashly. in the past he behaved rashly and paid a price for it. since then he has sided with akatsuki and cooled considerably.
Alignment Akatsuki

History: Sousuke's parents were killed on a mission around the same time that he entered the ninja academy at age 10. While he attended he was constantly ridiculed by his classmates. One of his instructors took pity on him and provided him with housing and food while he had no home. Sousuke graduated about the middle of his class at age 12. At that point he began going on missions with his instructor on his team.

On his first mission as a Genin, While his team was waiting to ambush their target, Sousuke became impatient and, rather than waiting for an opening, rushed out and attacked the enemy who dodged Sousuke and then gut punched him knocking him out. When he came to he had two cuts across his face and his instructor had come to his aid and killed the man. About a week after returning from that mission Sousuke was taking a walk around where his apartment was and happened upon a traveling priest.

The priest belonged to a sect that believed that there were two governing forces that held the world's positive and negative forces in check. Sousuke listened to the priest explain that these forces influenced the world's people by sending angels, disguised as good intentions, and demons, disguised as killing intent, to the people of the world. He then explained that the two governing forces were called the Ivory Dragon, who guarded the world's positive forces, and Shadow Cat, who guarded the world's negative forces. After hearing all the priest had to say Sousuke willingly joined the religion hoping it would explain some of his pain.

When Sousuke turned 16 took the Chuunin exams and advanced to the rank of Chuunin. On the way back to Takigakure from his second mission as a Chuunin, Sousuke happened upon a wolf pup whose mother was lying dead a few feet from it. Sousuke took pity on the pup, scooped it up, and took it back to his temporary housing. he named the pup Kaze or wind since he was constantly disappearing but always came back to him. After the pup was a few months older Sousuke began training the pup to go on missions with him by playing their version of 'Hide and seek'.

Shortly after Sousuke had turned 17 he finally had enough money saved up to pay for a new house for himself and Kaze. Sousuke moved out of his instructor's care and into his own home. About a week after he moved in he recieved a message from his instructor wishing him luck and listing a joke list of expenses that ended with five zeroes. At the end of the same month the instructor passed away from injuries inflicted to him on a mission. Sousuke felt very depressed that the man who practically raised him was now dead and attributed it to the burden of pain his gods had placed upon him.

When he turned 18 Sousuke had two weapons custom made for him, a katana with no hand guard and a chakra blade, and a pair of interlocking daggers with chakra blades. The katana had a black blade with a silvery edge, the handle was black with one white line splitting into two mid-handle towards the blade the scabbard was solid black. To Sousuke this katana represented Shadow Cat and infused with his recessive fire chakra would, "lift a Demon from the soul of an individual". The twin daggers, when locked together, had an outline of a dragon on their ivory handles. They were only about one foot long apiece and locked together form an excellent defense stick. He used these two weapons with a frightening degree of skill until the present time.

Recently Sousuke has been attempting to use his recessive Fire chakra. He has been training with one of his past instructors but has not quite yet got the hang of it. recently he learned that he could send his fire chakra through his chakra weapons but is still set on learning Goukakyou no Jutsu. Sousuke's most recent attempt at dating failed miserably when Kaze tackled his girlfriend, Kirin, straight into a mud puddle while they were taking a walk in the park near Sousuke's home. Although Sousuke felt hurt that Kirin had left him, he realized that he was happy just living alone with Kaze.

Sousuke recently left Takigakure for Akatsuki to further his own agenda's for achieving peace.

Bloodline Unagai
Specialty: Kenjutsu, Seigyokijutsu
Element: Unagai fully realized
Goals: Achieve peace by any means
Sousuke Unagai

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Re: Sousuke Unagai

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:15 am

mizukage/6taildemon/lightning god/levina clan leader
mizukage/6taildemon/lightning god/levina clan leader

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