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Unagai KKG tattoo

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Unagai KKG tattoo

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:30 am

Seals Name: Seigyoki Tensha (Literally Controller Transcribe)
Rank: D
Location of the seal on the body: Chest
Positive Effects: Seigyokijutsu and Six points Convergance techniques
Negative Effects: Loss of all Ninjutsu apart from thos listed in positive effects
Transformation Effect: N/A
Seal Info: just for a rough shape idea

this becomes the new centre of chakra in the body runnin chakra through the seals to make new elemental chakra. these are used to move the elements around them such as earth, water, fire, wind, lightning, water in objects water in the body, metal. (think Avatar)

Fire and Lightning can be created with Lightning being the most draining technique. Fire is C rank similar to Housenka and Lightning depending on type and quantity ranges from C to B ranks. Lightning is a facilitation of the tattoo that gathers static energy in the air and guides it along Chakra channels the user creates if it hits any object it discharges with the force and sound of a lightning bolt meaning a sonic boom loud enough to shatter eardrums. (the user will focus chakra over their Ears to close out the sound but will experience ringing for two posts)

Lightning is a four part Technique First post is gathering static energy. Second post is discharging it. third post is recovery (chakra and hearing) Fourth post is ready to continue Cooldown is three posts and it increases by one post per use
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