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Kagura Clan

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Kagura Clan

Post by Rin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:14 am

Bloodline Name/Surname: Kagura

Clan Classification: Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Innate

Element: n/a

Description: umm i have no idea what to put here lol because you have this and kekkei genkai information.

Unique Insignia:

Clan History: The Kaguya clan was founded long ago by a woman named Hana Kagura back to when Sunagakure was founded. It is rumored that Karin from Sasuke's squad is a long descendant of this clan. The clan were expert trackers, and could easily tell when a genjutsu was being cast.

This is what got them into a long rivalry. All the time the members were attacking each other in some way; sabotaging each others missions, stealing something, etc. Until one day the genjutsu clan became allies with a clan that specialized in fuuinjutsu. Together those clans placed a curse on all of the men of the Kagura clan; causing each of them to give up on their abilities and want to die.

As the men of the clan started to die the women followed. They each found unique ways of doing it to; becoming lab subjects, kunai through the heart, etc. With each fallen man, the women started to gain more and more stress until they died from strokes, heart attacks, etc.

Now there is only knowledge of one last clan member, Rin Kusabana. Her last name has been changed due to her adoption. She was saved from the curse placed on the men, so she was also saved from the usual means of death from her fellow clan members.

Kekkei Genkai Information: The Kagura clan is known for their unique chakra control. Their clan's unique chakra is used in various ways; it is used to heal, to track, to conceal, and in various other forms. The mostly widely known ability they have though is The Mind's Eye of the Kagura which allows them to track specific individuals through chakra. This ability comes in different forms; the clan member can either just feel the chakra as a gut feeling, by taste of the chakra, hearing it, or just visibly seeing it. Each member has only one of the ways to sense the chakra.

Their other mostly wide used ability is their ability to heal. This ability is not like most healing abilities, because instead of using a precise jutsu they just let people bite them. Their uniquely pure chakra if bitten into can help heal minor external and internal injuries.

The last most widely known ability is to suppress/hide their chakra. While in doing so they cannot do anything that involves the use of chakra because it is as if it has disappeared.

Limitations: The biggest limitation of this clan is that it is a female clan. Due to the curse placed upon them, their cannot be another male in the clan. If their is that male will always be in search of ways to kill himself.

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Re: Kagura Clan

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:55 am


unique kekkai genkai- only 1 member
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