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Stained Lights Clan (Finished)

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Stained Lights Clan (Finished)

Post by The Scarecrow on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:43 am

Bloodline Name/Surname: Stained Lights

Clan Classification: Bloodline Limit, Clan

Kekkei Genkai:
Clan Jutsu
Name:Glass Mist
Range100 yard radius
Elemental affinityGlass
Users: The Stained Lights clan

Description:This technique takes the minerals all about the user and fills glass into the air and while this is jutsu can be used by a master, it does not discriminate between an enemy to a Ally, the only person unaffected is the user, the people who walk through this mist are cut each time they move and if they breath without covering their mouths, glass fills their body and slices them.

Name:Glass Crusher
Range50 feet
Elemental affinityGlass

Description:This is an ability in which a user of this ability can use glass and other glass-like minerals to surround the enemy and crush them, can only be used on someone a rank or lower than them

Name:Glass Destruction
Range100 yard diameter
Elemental affinityGlass

Description:This ability covers the entire area in a massive amount of glass, it affects all but the user, including allies, it uses all the minerals and glass in the ground to create a glass storm around a one hundred yard Diameter slicing and dicing everything into tiny bits.

Name:Glass Chakra Orb
Elemental affinityGlass
Users: Me

Description:This is a jutsu learned from a young age before even the academy. These orbs hold chakra for the user, up to one fourth of their maximum at the time they create it, the greatest masters of these are able to make up to four, and finally when these orbs are broken, their chakra travels without end to search for the person that put it inside the orb, and these orbs will travel till they go to their creator's body

Name:Glass Body
Elemental affinityGlass
Users: Me

Description:This is an ability that is known in the mind of each of this clan's members, almost as a natural thing from birth. This ability allows the users to use glass to become a part of their body to rebuild them without the consequences of worrying about chakra, for when it attaches, wires of glass form inside to create fake muscles and blood and chakra veins, and the user is able to change the colors of the glass to make it seem either flashy realistic or just plain

Name:Glass Release Shadow Clone Jutsu
Elemental affinityGlass
Users: Me

Description:This is an unusual set of shadow clones that allows the user to create at most two shadow clones that create a special glass clone that can travel several miles from the user, and is actually capable of storing and generating chakra itself, but these clones can only last a single day. These clones are the most solid of all clones and are capable of rebuilding themselves and are capable of using jutsu

Name:Glass Release: Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Elemental affinityGlass
Users: Me

Description:This is the super advanced version of the previous clone Jutsu, while essentially it is the same as the previous jutsu, it creates twelve clones with a large amount of chakra due to the simplicity of their creation, and each one is capable of charging chakra

Element: Glass Release and Glass Manipulation

Unique Insignia:A moon shining down on a lake

Clan History:The founder of this clan was a man now known as the Glass Keeper, a name passed from one leader to the next now. This man was tired of the lives of normal mortals and sought a more interesting life, he sought to live with the eternal Golems of the Glass Break Mountains. He traveled ten years to find the mountains and when he found it he was not welcome, it was like thelion in the den of wolves, he was strong, but he would only last so long. But the Elder Gonryu wished for the man to be sparred and he kept the man as his guest, over the course of 12 years of intensive training the man mastered the art of Glass Jutsu and came back home keeping the ability within his own clan, it is said he gained the ability of the glass chakra from the fountains of the golems kept high in the mountain, that is said that if you motives are pure, you will become strong, if your motives are impure, you turn into glass dust. Clearly this man was of pure intentions as his descendants live on to this day.

The Scarecrow

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Re: Stained Lights Clan (Finished)

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:17 am

Clan Approved. WIll be updated if necessary

Koujetsu Hanagayu
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