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kichiro Hyuuga

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kichiro Hyuuga

Post by Kichiro on Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:10 am

Name:Kichiro aisu
Age 15
Village: missing(konoha)

Appearance: profile
PersonalityKichiro is a bit anti-social and dosent like to wait...kinda the reson why he left konoha .hes slightly canabalistic aswell he just enjoys the worm feeling of blood pooring down his throat.other then that hes a well manered personand can follow orders but if he gets the chance to kill some one he'll do everything he can to do so.
Alignment neutral

History: Kichiro was born of a half blood race , one side hyuuga the other uchihahe was born in the hyuuga clans part of the village (kinda the reason why hes still alive) the day after he was born the uchiha clan had been wiped from existance two years later his mother had died and the 3rd hokage took him in secretly.
When he turned 7 the hokage was killed by orochimaru and was bitten by oro , and was given a curse mark , that day he had slowly started to hate everyone in the village. One by one his hatred grew stronger and yet he had no real reson to hate them ,the mark on his left arm caused him to feel emotions he couldnt control ,let alone stop, he under goed teaching in the academy.
He would sit alone in the hokages ofice reading his books on jutsus and secret techniques,he had a very exeptional amount of chakra within him ,it laid dormant until the day the hokage died. everytime he would spar with someone theyed end up brutaly injured or posibly on the verge of death .when he turned 11 he killed his sensei on acident , his rage had taken over his mind and his curse mark acelerated to level two.

Around the age of 14 he met a boy named sasuke uchiha who was undergoing almost exactly the same thing and they both had someone they wanted to kill and he knew if he followed sasukes path he'd get what he wanted.Hes now 15 and has left the village in search of orochimaru so he may rip his fagety ass head off his torso

Bloodline mostly hyuuga,partly uchiha
Specialty: Taijutsu
Goals:]stated in last paragraph of the history

Rp Sample:

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Re: kichiro Hyuuga

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:48 am

I dont know if this is compelte or not, well, obviously not with the lack of sample, etc.

A). We are 100 years past the canon. There for any reference you have to the actual canon would be negated due to the time frame.

B). Picture needs to be placed in the application. Goals need to be placed with Goals.

C). Fix the grammar.

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