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Aoiharu Yuei Hyuuga

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Aoiharu Yuei Hyuuga

Post by Aoiharu on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:28 am

Name: Aoiharu Yuei Hyuuga



Village: Konoha

Appearance: Long black-blue hair that has a lightly dyed area on her left side, that has a kanji. Her eyes are black. Aoi's complexion is tan, and has a well-toned body. Her top stops mid torso, and is like a short-sleeved hoodie. Her shorts are tight, and she has a long katana that she uses in battle. Wearslong black-blue boots.

Personality Aoi is hyper, friendly, and well rounded. But, when irritated she can have moods swings ( Which get more prominate when she gets drunk) and those swings cause her to become the total oppisite of what she was before. Normally, she's pretty calm though, unless she just gets into one of those moods and becomes crazy.

Usually is pretty good with relationships and connections as well. And while her personality may be charming, Aoi does tend to slack off. A lot. So, her assistant, Rin, is very helpful. Aoi though, when absolutely nessicary will be very productive. She is also stubborn when it comes to some things, and is a good fighter.
Alignment Good in her mind.

Bloodline Hyuuga ( Clan Leader )

Specialty: Taijutsu with a Medic Speciality

Element: -None ATM-

Goals:-None ATM

Rp Sample: Coughing up blood, she glared at the ninjas infront of her. One of them let out a raspy laugh. " Haha, Kid, you ain't gonna last! Give up now, lil lady, and give us that nice lookin' bag of yers', "

Narrowing her eyes, she took a step forward in her main fighting position. Her pupil-less black eyes, stared intently at them as she held up two fingers, and whispered, " Byakugan ". Her eyes turned into the normal light violet color of the Hyuuga clan, veins poping from around her eyes. The other ninjas chuckled.

" Ahahaha, a little Hyuuga, ne? You'll be quite a ransom, kid." With that said, the two of them launched at her, both with long, sharp katanas in her hand. Aoi got ready and slowly started her hand motions. When the ninjas appeared infront of her, she leaned down, dogding their blades, and shouted, " Hakke Kuushou! "

Her extented palm hit the ninja on her left, and he shot back, hitting a tree and passed out. When her palm had made contact, Aoi swiftly moved and sent her knee in the groin of the other ninja. He yelled in pain and dropped his katana. Before he could move anymore, Aoi utilized her next attack.

" Jyuuken! 64 Palms! " Her palms started moving on the Iwa-nin, closing his chakra points and hitting him forcfully. When she stopped. She stood motionless, not even watching him fall. Smirking, she stretched her arms and started off, looking for Gikun and Akira.

History Aoiharu Yuei Hyuuga was born to be clan leader. Her father and mother were heads, and Aoi was the eldest daughter. She had two younger siblings by the time she was 5. They were both twins. Aoiharu grew up, surrounded with manners, strictness, and harsh training scedules. When she was seven though, she had a dream. She was on a white sandy beach, with the waves slowly coming in and out. In her dream, she would slowly walk out to the ocean and walk on the water in a long white kimono, and dance to a slow, peaceful piano song. Then, the song would get faster and faster, and at a point, she slip and fall. Everytime, Aoi would wake up restless and excited. She would get up and dance just like she did in the dream, slowly going faster. In the day, she would train from sun up, til noon, then study manners and the history and ways of the great Hyuuga clan. At night, she'd let free her more free side and do whatever. She did this until she was 10, and then entered the Ninja Acadmey.

Needless to say, the Academy was extremely easy for Aoi, who had grown up in the way of the Hyuuga clan's ninja ways. She was imediately top of the class and powerful. Training more at home, and at the Academy, Aoiharu graduated a year ahead of the other students her age. Though the elders of the Hyuuga clan and her parents gazed onto her with pride, she was extremely lonely. She could never make time to have friends who were more than accquintances at school.

During her time as a Genin, Aoi had more friends. She was on a team with a boy, and another girl. The boy, Gikun, was tall, loud, and boasterous. He would always call Aoiharu " Haru-chan " and buy her pretty things when the hoildays came around or when there was a special occasion. Even though Aoi didn't know it as the time, when she was 13, Gikun 14, Gikun had a large crush on Aoi. The girl, Akira, was like Gikun, but more refined and less outspoken. She would always cover Aoi's back with her specialties in Genjutsu. Gikun specialized in Ninjutsu.

When Aoi was 15, she made Chunin with Gikun and Akira. The exam was easy for the three of them. On their first mission together alone, C-ranked, there was a terrible accident. They were camping in the woods, on the way home from the mission, and suddenly they were attacked.About 5 missing-Nin from Iwagakure stormed their camp, aiming for their valuables. It was a bloodly battle that lasted for hours on end. Aoi had gotten seperated from the others, and was fighting 2 of the missing nin. After a long battle, she manged to defeat them. When she was done, she went looking for Gikun and Akira.

Eventually, she found them, but it was too late. Both were badly wounded and were on the verge of dying. Gikun and Akira were slouched against a tree together. Akira was already dead. One of the enemies had stabbed her in the back with a Kunai, and hit a nerve that killed her instantly. Gikun, could of been saved, if Aoi had known how to help him. She didn't. Gikun died a few minutes later. Aoi buried them both and set grave markers up with stones.

When she returned to the village, she sought out medical training. Never again would she let one of her commrides die.

Years pasted, and Aoi took over the Hyuuga clan at the age of 20. During this time, she had become well known and respected throughtout the village of Konoha. At this point in the world, the last Hokage had died from old age, and they needed a new one. Aoi was chosen from the elders after long weeks of debate. Since then, she has advanced in her power, training in Medical Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and much more.
Hokage/Taijutsu Master/Hyuuga Leader/Medic/Slacker-Offer :D

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Re: Aoiharu Yuei Hyuuga

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:17 am

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