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The Uchiha

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The Uchiha

Post by Genjo Uchiha on Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:11 am

Name:Genjo uchiha
Age 22
Rank:Ex-Jounin S-rank Akatsuki
Village: Konohagakure

Personalitygenjo is always playful he never looks down on someone and when he does he apologizes for it. He will always have a smiles on his face he would laugh at something that wasn't funny and he would smiles and something that wasn't there. He is like the definition of fun but it is only because he hides away his true feelings. he sort of acts like Gin ichimaru from bleach
Alignment Neutral

History: Childhood arc
As a baby boy genjo looked as if he was born a fighter.His mom said so his brother said so even his dad said so. As tamaki grew older it was then when he realized that the power inside him was vanishing. But before that when he was 3 years old, he would watch his mom dad and brother all train in the back. it really pleased him to see a happy family. later on after he was 3 now going on 9 he trained himself and started learning jutsu's that met his level and will get strongers as he got older and more powerfuller.

his dad will teach him about power and how to contain it everyday along with his brother teaching him about strategize and thinking before hand on your opponents attack. He would then think about when would he use this stuff in the future so he would always memorize them no matter what.

Academy student arc
When genjo was ready to go to the academy he was determined to keep a low profile and study other people before they studied him. he met some people in the academy but didn't make any friends. he worked hard on that and the training they had to do in order to learn everything his family taught him. he would stay after school and work on his jutsu's he made and brother taught him. he would even stay after to work on his jutsu's and kunai/ shuriken target practice.

At first it was difficult for him till his father taught him the Sharingan but genjo wanted to learn the 2 tomoe sharingan not the one but the dad said he had to be alittle bit older and understand the clan more before he is read for anything higher than a one. After the Academy Graduation gen was finally a genin.

Genin arc
Genjo finally became an genin and he thought to himself that before long he was going to be come a chuunin and he wasn't going to fail at all because failure wasn't an option. he trained everyday and everynight preapring for the chuunin exams. he perfected his sharing making sure that even though it was an eye that they both will have a special bond.

he was bound to become a chuunin death and losing weren't part of his life long deal.His Nindo is be true to yourself but also be true to others. he kept his new friends close and his new enemies closer. He especially watched out for his rivals cause god knows what goes on in there heads.

Chuunin exam part 1 arc
As genjo was doing part one of his chuunin exams. He was very nervous as this would be his first year ever doing a test. He looks around in the room looking at all the people who looked like they could be village elders and some of them looked like the never seen the light of day in there life. okay genjo concentrate take away all distractions out of your mind and focus on what the main goal is. Genjo only wanted to complete so he got his pencil ready looked in the room to see where his teammates Yuhiko and Kuhoku where and he was all set and ready. Right when the proctor said Begin genjo started at Beg- and was already doing his test.

After 20 minutes of test taking the test was getting harder and harder for him. He didn't know what to do but he knew what he must do. he looked around acting like he was finished and looked a all the people watching everyone seeing if they where looking at him to see is he was cheating. they weren't looking at him but genjo knew they where. He prepared his sharingan and out of nowhere a kunai came shooting arcoss his face and he thought he had been caught but he wasn't caught it was the person right next to him who was caught and immediatley kicked out. He looked at his teammate Yuhiko and she was zooming through the thing like she had to right a kindergarden paper like what is your favorite color. And then he looked at Kuhoko who was already done.

Genjo knew what he must do. He found the right person to copy an his answers off of and just like the he made through the chuunin exams but 65% of the others ninja's were caught and kicked out. genjo took a deep breathe as he was immediatley socked in the head by Yuhiko. "What was that for" he said "You know what it was for" she snarled "Well i had to do it" she glared at him "Of course you did" The proctor interupted them as he said the all suceeded and made it to the second part of the chuunin exams and this time genjo was ready to do what ever it takes to make to part 3.

Chuunin exam part 2
"Hello i am the proctor for this exam and i just want to tell you the ain rule" The beginning of the exam started genjo looked at everyone's face and saw the determination in them. Genjo turned around and faced the proctor as she was hovering over him. She looked in his eyes and saw that he meant business. "Well like i was saying Just" Genjo's heart was pounding, he remembered before any of this happened his teammates got the scroll the heaven scroll. "Don't" he remembered the gate they were at and was ready to run.

"Die" the gates opened and genjo, yuhiko and kuhoku were already running really fast. "Remember guys scatter in the tree's if we feel like where being followed, and also if we are challenged show n mercy" genjo was like the leader of the suqad as Both yuhiko and kuhoku nodded and replied "Right" they ran full speed through all of the traps set and all of the people challenging them. It took them precisley 29 hrs to make it to the destination. But before the made it there they were stopped bye some creepy dude who wasn't apart of the exam.
He battled them and genjo was the first to be knocked down. he got back up and the creepy dude summoned a huge ape like creature that bashed its head into the ground. Yuhiko and Kuhoko ran to genjo's aid as the partially dodged the attack.

For some reason genjo was paralyzed but Yuhiko performed a medical ninjutsu and took the paralyisi serim out of genjo. Kuhoko was holding the wierd dude off as he performed his special Wind blade abyss jutsu that was still genin level but it sure did pack a punch and when genjo got up he followed it off with a fire ball jutsu and yuhiko ended it off with her Dandilion typhoon technique and that was that the strapped theguyto a tree in the process of all thoughs jutsu's but at the very last moment the dude bit Genjo on the hand and a spiral like mark appeared. When the looked back the ape guy was gone and they forgot about it and continued to run.Inthe process of all that the managed to get the earth scroll. The finally made it to the 3rd part of the chuunin exams.

Chuunin exam part 3 arc
"We finally made it and with no time to spar" after awhile some other ninja's came and it was time for the next part of the chuunin exams. hours and hours past as Yuhiko, genjo and Kuhoko weren't picked yet. it was frustrating them abit but their sensei comforted them and they still had faith. Afterwhile Only Kuhoko and Yuhiko managed to make it through the 4th part and it was time for Genjo to join them. genjo stood up as he jumped onto the arena his oponnent was from the leaf villages Hyuuga clan. The proctor said the could begin and it was set.

Genjo activated his Sharingan 2nd tomoe and his foe activated his Byakugan. The 2 clashed and fire along with blood was going all over the place. genjo copied some of his opponents moves and blovked the majority but getting his chakra point 64 and 28 was bad because they both were part of his reflxes making them slow. genjo was getting beat real bad but in the end he performed his signature move Soaring hawk and bashed his opponents head in the ground. he won and moved on.

Chuunin exam part 4 arc
Genjo and his friends went through alot but seeing that his friends were now classified as chuunins was awsoem for him. His emotions changed though which scarred his sensei and teammates. he was battling a strong opponent when the mark on his hand started to act up he didn't know why but he felt this strong serge of power and within moments he was covered in black spirals.

Genjo was blinded by all but his opponent and he was charging at his opponent with some of his candy jutsu's. Now its time for genjo to shine he though to himself. Maybe genjo was going crazy or maybe not but that power he felt caused him to shatter the bones of his opponents arms and legs. After genjo was finished everyone roared with excitment and the marks on genjo disappeared. genjo was finally a chuunin and he went to sleep for the nxt 3 days cause he was so tired.

Chuunin arc
10 months after Genjo's chuunin period after he finished the chuunin exams excelling past the rounds and stages he was fnally a Chuunin and after he was asked by the hokage personally to attend a b-ranked mission with 3 other jounin he didn't refuse. He was very strong and well witted he could out smart anyone if he could. When he came back from his mission of protecting a whole village from some rogue ninja he was very beat up but managed to stay alive and everyone was surprised he did. So that when the hokage 3 years later promoted Genjo to the rank Jounin.

Jounin arc
Now that genjo is a jounin is only regards are to keep his mind focused he looked at his life history from all directionsd and now knows he can't hardly trust anyone but thats not stopping him from a big plan he has his mind set on for Konoha. He continues his training with the sharing even though he only has 3 tomoe's while some of the other uchiha's already have the mangekyou. he trains day and night to obtain the power and when he days konoha will be terminated.Till this day genjo wll always train he will never sleep nor eat and when he does sleep it is only for 30 minutes and he will start to train again and when he eats he will scarf down 15 bowls of ramen and continue his training as he fights.

Abandoning Arc
After genjo finally started to see the world in his eyes, he became more and more dark by the minute. All of his childhood memories the sympathy his hokage and freinds gave him he tossed it all aside which got him banned from the hidden leaf village. He wanted to get banned though. he wanted to get banned to have a reason to destroy the village. he was so filled with rage and sorrow he killed his own family to calm his nerves. He just looks at the leaf village as a threat and a waist of his time. He thinks the only way for his future to become clear his to destroy the villages he has studied about in the academy. The top 3 villages he was focusing on destroying where Konohagakure, Amegakure, and Sunagakure. God knows why he chose thoughs villages but Then again Genjo's mind is a place no one wants to go to in there life. After leaving the leaf genjo decided inorder for him to get noticed he would have to kill alot of people and get alot of bouties on him. So everyone who passed him up would die in an instant without him even taking a slight thought of "should i do this" he would just kill them in cold blood and leave there bodies right where he struck them, except for the people who had bounties on them he kept thoughs bodies and decided to make alot of money. The more noticed Genjo got the more people started to fear him and pretty soon Genjo was digging his own grave. he had no problems with that as his destiny and faith were on his side. Years later he passed up some akatsuki members. The gave them the look of a demon just glaring at them. Till they took it as a threat and struck at him cutting his arm. "Nice aim" he said to them still giving them the glare smiling. "With thoughs cloaks i'm guessing you guys are members of the cool organization "Akatsuki" the both didn't reply to genjo's answer "I Have a serious question to ask".Genjo looked at them with determination in his eyes to be apart of their organization. "If you want to be apart of our organization then ask or head leader but i doubt you'd find him" then the 2 akatsuki put there backs toward genjo but before they did that one of them threw a paper bomb at him and when the vanished the paper exploded and genjo vanished aswell. genjo was coughing abit but managed to find cover from his enemy village anbu. Genjo was for the answer as if he would get it any time soon.

Bloodline Sharingan
Specialty: Copy Cat eye
Element:Water Wind and Fire
Goals:]To be the only uchiha

Rp Sample:
As I ran through the wet forest, only to be covered by the fog and the dark light of the night, I knew there was a 50% chance of my survival as I was being hunted.
“There we go men we almost got him” A man behind me said. I didn’t get a good look at him but he was wearing something I would suspect Shrek to wear.
I was panicking a bit when I realized he was in spitting distance of me so all I cared about was making it out of there.
“Come on guys, almost there, just a couple of feet more” Another man said behind as if he was right in my—oh my lord that was a women—I got that disturbing image out of my head and kept forward making good timing at every turn that came up.
The sky was dark and the forest was darker but that didn’t stop me from running away from the people trying to kill me. Run run little Draco….you can’t run from fate when it’s stabbing you in the back….. “What was that” I looked around even behind when I saw the people where still chasing me.
Who was talking to me? How did they know my name? And How come the angry mob didn’t stop when they heard it?
So many questions fluttered through my head as I ran. I was cocky and careless when I realized I was on the ground, I couldn’t move nor speak and soon everything went dark….cold….and black….
“What’s going on”….where am I….. “my head hurts”…-- “run, run, run, as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the scary man”--…. “Whose there”—“Don’t you remember me Draco I have been with you always”--… “Who are you” I said with fear and disbelief, I couldn’t believe this was happening…--“Don’t you remember me I am yo--”… “I DON’T KNOW YOU SHOW YOURSELF”I interrupted the voice…--“Don’t interrupt me you little brat” the voice said with an angry tone “I see I will have to teach you a lesson now won’t I”
I couldn’t really understand what the voice sounded like but it sounded as if it was a grown ladies voice mixed with a grown mans voice, so then I got to thinking it was probably a perverted transvestite after me.
“What do you want with me” I said trying to end the conversation but all I heard was 2 snaps of the finger and all of a sudden the world around got brighter and I was on a scary rocky terrain with sculls of people and animals scattered all over the place.
There was a lot of sand and huge plateaus, and I think I saw 7 mountains each a different color. I couldn’t make out the color of the first 4 but that last 3 were Blue, Red, and Green.
“What is this about why did you send me here” I got no answer instead what I got was a giant earthquake and something emerging from the ground.
“What the f*** is that” when I looked at the monster that emerged from the ground it looked like a giant 3 headed snake with bull skulls for heads. The heads had only one eye and they each were a different color like the ones on the mountains I saw the colors of but they were a bit different they were colors that none of the mountains had.
But anyways the snakes looked very vicious, even though they head human heads their teeth were sharper than ever and they had snake like fangs that looked like they could chew a mega tank like a piece of gum. The design of the snake was mainly purple with black and red streaks going all around.
“It is time for your judgment” the voice said to me
“What judgment” I said frightened
“The judgment of the curse”
“The Curse”
“Which ever one of those snakes strike at you don’t move they will give you a curse of power meaning that you will ether be the jet black flame wielder, the pure slicing sound wielder or something casually like the aurora water wielder and also not that this isn’t all fake you did get hit by the mob and as we speak they are going to wake you up with cold water any minute now”
“Then have them hurry it is ether get strike at me or I get tortured to death for stealing a loaf of bread”
The snakes all looked at me as if the were thinking of something I waited and waited then one lifted its head up high and it struck me.
“There you go” the voice said
“Wait you took some of my memory away” I couldn’t remember anything from the chase and now I don’t even know my name
“Don’t worry about it boy, your name is Alexander Veroro”
“That’s my name, I still have so many questions to ask”
“Too bad my work here is done”
“Alright wake up you little runt” everything was all a blur I couldn’t see to centimeters in front of me.
“Wake up now” the Shrek wannabe slapped me around a couple of times
“Looks like I drugged you a little too much”
“Wha…..” I tried to force words but I was still a little num.
When my vision was back I could see I was in a dark room chained to a wall and I was dripping with water.
“Where am I?”
“Did I say you could speak!” the guy this time socked me in the stomach
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Some people never learn” he socked me again
“I know what you are and I want answers now”
“Answers? I have no idea what you are talking about”
“Don’t lie to me” the guy was getting ready to finish me off when I heard a soft
“Wait” the guy stopped and a little wearing a silver white robe and white hair lighter than the moon came to me. Her eyes were just plain black and her face was emotionless.
“I will get the answers we need” when she said that she put her hands on either side of my face and all of a sudden I could feel all of my memories duplicating and going into her.
“What are you doing!” I said trying to break free but I couldn’t.
I screamed, and grinded my teeth as it started to hurt me.
“Stop!” I yelled in agony.
The girl stopped and I panted hard and heavy.
“What do you want with me?”
“Its not what we want with you it mainly what we want from you” the Shrek look-a-like said. My mind couldn’t keep up with his words. It was like he was speaking another language.
“Dispose of him we don’t need him any more” Another man said
“Where shall I put him?” the girl replied
“Throw him in the river” the girl didn’t hesitate as she did what she was told and
dragged my defenseless body to this bright river light that glowed silver. –
The light was so bright her eyes where closed the entire time she dragged me there.
“Burn in hell!” I said to her as she looked down at me.
“You first” she said with a rude arrogant tone
The voice said I had a curse right I guess I better put it to good use…..
“Here I go” closing my eyes I blocked out all distractions out of my head only listening to the faded crude tone of the voices mysterious questioning voice. All of a sudden I started to hear screams a pain and agony as the girl was being burnt to a crisp in the jet black flames I seemed to have made.
“No way” I said as I watched her burn… but she started laughing?
“You think you’re the only one with a special gift around here” the girl laughed harder
“You are definitely a sorry excuse for a child” All of a sudden I was pushed back with tremendous force.
“No not you to” I said as I struggled to get up
“Yes the power of the silver wind is quite astonishing” the girl looked at me her dead black as and pale white skin where enough to scare a grown man half to death, but to know that she is part spirit will scare a man so badly he will pee himself.
“My name is Autumn” the girl said after 3 long moments of agony. I stood up to me feet took a deep breathe and got in a fighters stance.
“I Alexander Veroro is the name of the guy who killed you” I then blew a massive amount of jet black flames out of my mouth waiting to hear her scream again, but she did what I did and intercepted my attack with her massive amount of silver wind.
“Are you trying to make a point” Autumn said getting ready to deal another blow
“Maybe I am maybe I’m not” I looked at her keeping a straight face as if I meant to laugh.
“Well actually you should be honored to be killed by me I am the wind that blows at night, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to be killed by me” she looked at me with a crooked smile
“Maybe its because I still have a long life to go, I will not be killed by the likes of you”

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Re: The Uchiha

Post by raikuni on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:31 pm

uchiha is closed. we have 3 chihas already and thats all
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