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Mizukage Guards of Death. (puppets)

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Mizukage Guards of Death. (puppets)

Post by raikuni on Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:56 am

Name: Guards of Death (x2)

Description: this puppet is made by the first mizukage in hisory.each mizukage is trained to control puppets and is given this upon complition. it has 4 weapons

weapon 1: chain of oblivion
the chain of oblivion, made by the mizukage, is a long unbreakable chain covered in poison spikes. it is lightweight and is capable of the tip breaking the speed of sound.

weapon 2: polestaff of oblivion
by taking the chain of oblivion and hitting a button, it retracts and becomes a long pole with a scyth-like rnd. the blade is coated in the strongest of paralizing potions and has a ceraded edge perfect for gripping.

weapon 3+4: the cloak of steath and hidden dagger
by combining the ability of both, the puppet an become invisible and assasinate those who try to harm the mizukage. the dagger is the entire legnth of the puppets forearm. it can stay hidden in its arm until use. where the blade an shoot out at enough force to stab through hard rocks
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