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Shadow Uchiha

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Shadow Uchiha

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:05 am

Name: Jouteibikou 'Shadow' Uchiha
Rank: S-Rank Criminal

Appearance: Shadow Is of average height standing 5'8" and weighing in at about 200 pounds. his hair is a gark grey similar to Sasuke's when he uses second stage curse seal. after having been banished from his home village, Konohagakure, he wears an Anbu mask depicting a wolf.
Personality Shadow is a touch insane often talking to himself and giving responses. he is very touchy and has a tendency to get in your face after paralyzing you to prove a point. his ultimate plan is to revive Juubi and prove to the world why Rikudo's line should have been a god among men.
Alignment Neutral (as long as his will is done he doesn't care who he sides with)

History: Shadow looked up at dark with a less than enthusiastic face plastered across his visage. "Are you real?" he asked not caring for the response. He had hallucinations before why should this one be any difference. "If you are real you will forgive me for not believing you. The last real person I saw was a miserable excuse for a man and I suspect in such a place you would be no different." Shadow said beginning to break out in a cold sweat.

With his eyes beginning to roll back into his head his life began flashing before his eyes. "I think if you will indulge me, I will tell you of my life." he said closing his eyes and activating his Mangekyou Sharingan. "Tsukyomi." he muttered catching dark's gaze and initiating the genjutsu. "My tale begins as a child." he said trailing off as the scenery flashed.

A scene flashed in front of them to a building with two children sitting on the floor playing. A women walked in and grabbed them by their arms and pulled them away saying "You cannot be here right now." As the scene flashed it revealed Shadow on his own witnessing his uncle stab his father through the back with his sword. "My father . . . was murdered by his brother in the Uchiha tradition . . ." Shadow's ethereal voice drifted in pre-echoing itself as the scenery flickered again.

The scenery shifted leaving Dark in Konoha with Zetsumei in a room underground. Zetsumei turned to two young men each with their own Mangekyou Sharingan gleaming in their eyes. As he explained everything to the young men Shadow himself looked over and caught Dark's sight and stood up leaving a mirage of himself behind his stead. Walking over to Dark he looked him deeply in the eyes noticing something. "Rin`negan user . . . " he muttered as the scenery shifted once more.

This time the scene was outside and two men deeply engaged in combat with each other. Shadow and his brother were going at it ferociously. "You know nothing of my pain do you? You who were born with the power of a god and stand alone. The Almighty Pein." he continued sounding incredulous and frustrated. As he chastised Dark his battle continued to it's climax. Shadow had his brother pinned to the ground before pulling a jar out. "My pain," he said in a quiet voice clenching his fists so tightly his knuckles began to turn white "was killing my brother for power. Killing him for his eyes . . . then plucking them from his head with my bare hands." he explained his voice cracking as he spoke.

The scenery flipped again revealing an operating table. As the scene played out Shadow walked in and laid down on the table. Zetsumei walked in shortly thereafter with jar in hand. Setting it down he pulled a scalp out and murmured something indistinctly. He waited for Shadow to nod before he began cutting into the area around Shadow's very much awake face. Screaming in pain the procedure continued with Shadow standing next to Zetsumei and watching his every move. "The pain was outweighed by the promise of power but such is life." he said leaning over dark's shoulder.

The scenery faded to a few weeks later with Shadow still on that table with bandages over his eyes. Zetsumei walked in and removed the bandages and Shadow blinked painfully in the blinding light. His eyes seeming to glow blood red with both his and his brothers Mangekyou Sharingan patterns gleaming on their surface. A few weeks later in the vision Shadow was being chased from his village. With only the clothes he had on currently on his back and a small sack of food he stumbled away from the village.

"Now you know my story. Let us review you shall we." he said calmly as the scenery changed once more to reveal Konoha years ago. The village seemed peaceful from the ground level but from above it was plain to see it was in chaos. "Your doing, or should I say your predecessor's doing." he said pointing down at the village. as he spoke a single figure leapt up above the village ten feet in front of them. It was Pein's Deva path Yahiko. Yahiko strained for a few seconds before releasing an enormous amount of chakra. As it hit the village the ground bubbled away from Yahiko and it spread to within a hundred feet from the village's outer wall.

"Your only redeeming characteristic is that you house both good and evil within you. You who have the power to control, life and death, push and pull, you are the one deciding factor in the world." the scenery below flashed and a giant figure rose from the center of the village. Once it reached full height it's mouth opened releasing hundreds of souls back to their bodies. With his energy nearing its limit the scene flickered back to the present situation.

Releasing Dark from the technique he spoke once more, "You may do with me as you like. I can be a strong Ally or in your case a strong path." he said whole heartedly expecting to be put out of his misery. Glancing up he saw the malice building in Dark's eyes. Finally release would be given to his wretched existance, or so he thought.

Dark helped Shadow to get back on his feet with a promise that one day Dark would again call on him to serve in Akatsuki. A few years later shadow rejoined the akatsuki where this happened.

Shadow landed outside the cave enterance lightly glaring at the closed doors with his eternal mangekyou. he knew the presence he felt nearby was strong but from this range the chakra inside was ridiculous. "Guess there's no choice. Some one's home and i'm curious." Shadow's eyes narrowed in on the door. "Kamui..." he muttered as the door began to distort.

to his surprise the doors collapsed rather easily. and he walked slowly inside. "Oi Akatsuki! I know you're here." Shadow's eyes narrowed in on dark. "Oi! You tell me. Where is the leader?" Shadow could tell in an instant that Dark was the leader due to their run in in the past but hid that fact well. He walked up to the steps before dark's throne before stopping.

"This time i would like to finish our conversation. If you don't mind." Shadow's eyes glowed with a dark crimson light as he waited for his answer. Shadow's eyes opened once more and he readied himself. this time his abilities had grown and his strength had returned so it wouldn't be as one sided as before. His eyes shifted without moving his very iris crawling in pain as his eternal mangekyou took form once more on the surface of his eyes.

Vaguely resembling the rin`negan it, contained nine tomoe and three rings which the tomoe sat upon. "This time it will be a fair fight dark. eye of the storm." Shadow ground time itself to a halt around him walking up to dark and taking is time to enjoy the peacefulness. he walked up to dark and leaned on him as though he were a statue and sped his senses up, only his senses, what he had to say mattered. "So Dark. i wanted to chat. just chat. i wanted to know exactly what you had in mind for the bijuu when you capture them. i hardly believe that you know what they are much less what their for." Shadow looked to dark and smiled at his glare.

"what you're in here is deep shit. i am controlling the passage of time to you body. only your senses and mouth work in real time the rest of your body is stuck on sleep mode so-to-speak." Shadow resumed his obviously well rehearsed speech. "I have a plan for them you see. something i doubt you'll know about. I doubt even Nagato knew the full extent of the bijuu's purpose. So i want you to go ahead now and talk." shadow's finger moved to darks jaw and touched it lightly reactivating it. "Go ahead i'll let you talk." Shadow smiled sadistically, if this had gone much farther it would have been rated for content, not that Shadow would have minded.

Shadow was a bit intrigued by dark. he had only recently found out about the moon's eye plan and yet Dark had already known. and yet dark hadn't a clue. the plans in his mind grew more twisted by the day. he took a few steps away from dark leaving his body paralyzed. "I see Sousuke has been here." he began. "Not that it matters much to me. and you're wrong. I have no intention of control. My Sharingan on the moon seems nice, but don't misunderstand. Mugen Tsukiyomi is an immature plan. Enslavement of the race is not my way. but by the same token it's not far off. The Sharingan.... The fabled eye of a god, of Juubi." Shadow's mind drifted a bit into imaginative states before continuing.

"The world doesn't understand our fore-father's sacrifice. " Shadow turned back to dark and flickered behind him. "Does it?" he whispered into dark's ear. "Dark the world doesn't understand that we should be at the pinnacle of power by now. Mugen Tsukiyomi? meaningless. I will use my sharingan and cast a spacial regression on the bijuu and Juubi's body." Shadow flickered away sensing dark's frustration mounting. he reappeared standing on the ceiling before resuming. "I will revive our father's legacy by releasing what he contained back on this earth. and when i do...you and me we will be at the peek of the world watching as the ants are crushed beneath us." Shadow appeared before dark again. "Tsukiyomi..." he murmured placing the genjutsu on dark.

before dark a barren land stood with a single monstrous beast sitting in a crater. "The future i envision now." The beast before them roared mightily it's tails smashing into the earth and causing tremors they could feel miles away. the sky was void of clouds and was blood red. "I want the world to know why our ancestor was a god among men. so here is my proposition. I will not ask you to be a henchman no instead i wish you to simply collect them. I of course will help. and when the time comes to reseal juubi you will be his vessel." Shadow paused and looked to Dark.

"All i ask is that you force the world to know our names. to fear our blood and to scorn having tainted Rikudo's sacrifice with warring over lands and politics." Shadow released the genjutsu and eye of the storm technique and stood before dark. "do we have an agreement?" he asked, his eyes narrowing in on Dark's

After this Shadow rejoined the Akatsuki formally looming in the shadows behind dark. Unknown to most his brother was alive and Zetsumei had implanted his old eyes in his brother giving both of them Eternal Mangekyou Sharingans. Shadow has no clue this has happened and assumes his brother dead.

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Re: Shadow Uchiha

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:15 am

dont even need to look at it... approved *stamps application paper*
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