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Zuko Aburame {WIP}

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Zuko Aburame {WIP}

Post by Aizen Hoshigaki on Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:33 pm

Name: Zuko Aburame
Age 17
Rank: Chuunin

Personality Zuko is a very easy going and laid back kind of guy who will usually spend his time looking up at the clouds or day dreaming of far away places.
Alignment Neutral

History: Zuko was raised by his Mother and Father who were both very accomplished ninja of the Aburame clan. He was raised in the small part of the village where his clan residedunder his parents as he grewlike all the other children. At a youg age Zuko was forced into his parents training. Show mcuh skill in both genjutsu and handling the Destruction Bugs. Now that his parents where happy with hos he progressed in his training, they instantly threw him into the ninja Academy where he went on to become a genin.

Bloodline Aburame Clan
Clan Info:
This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ties to insect. At birth clan members form an agreement with bugs to inhabit and feed on the chakra their body creates. In return the bugs will serve the commands of the clan member.
Specialty:Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
Element: Earth
Goals:] To find purpose.

Rp Sample: (from another site) High above Kurakara Town Shingai flouted smirking and saying “ oh little buggy, should we really play a game of tag with these humans who cant even see me?” laughing to himself after he said this he used sonido and appeared in the middle of the street of a busy intersection. Shingai smiled and as soon as the green light flashed and the cars started to come toward him Shingai held out his hand and fired off a Cero destroying everything in its path. “green mean go right kitty?” said Shingai as he smirked at the destruction that lay before him. Using sonido once more Shingai appeared next to a man who had come to investigate the explotion. Shingai drew his blade and said “TAG! Your it” he cackled as he cut the man down where he stood. Shingai now happy with himself smiled and snapped his fingers opening a garganta and vanishing back into Hueco Mundo. As the garganta began to slowly close behind him Shingai smirked and evil smirk as he continued to walk on the stair case of his own reishi, as the evil look upon his face appeared he began to think to himself why do i kill Kitty?...eh guess its just good clean fun as he continued to think these thoughts he heard a voice in his head saying his name over and over a bit confused Shingai began to look around makeing sure he was the only one in the darkness. Once he could not find anyone around him he yelled out "Kitty?! is that you kitty?!" still very confused Shingai began to run up the stair case of reishi toward what seemed to be the image of a little girl he stood there holding her hand out, quickening his run Shingai tryed to reach out to her but just before he could touch the girls hand the garganta ripped back open and he fell face first into the white sands of Hueco Mundo. After he picked himself up and got the sand off himself he said "i need to lay off the drugs..." laughing alittle at what he said he began to head back to Los Noches whistling as he walked.
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