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Kaji's seals

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Kaji's seals

Post by Kaji-Kanto on Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:16 pm

I was allowed to use this template.

Name: Chimei Shinsei (Fatal Rebirth)
Type of seal: Other

Positive This seal creates a special type of medical chakra that can essentially keep a dead organ ‘alive’ by simply taking over its functions in the body. So in example if kaji’s heart shutdown this seal would take effect and would create an artifical heart for him that will pump and move blood around his body. This medical chakra is a combination of blood and kaji’s own medical chakra.

This seal reguires either killing or drinking people’s blood to be activated. Kaji must drink blood from outside sources since his own will not work. This seal also takes 5% of current chakra per post its used.

It can only take the place of one organ at a time and if the organ is the heart its impossible to use it fully in intense combat since it wouldnt be able to keep up with the increase in pulse needed. So its a mandatory retreat if kaji has to use this seal.

Seal information: This seal is located all across kaji’s back and its placed as what seems to be a complete heart on his back and when in use it will glow a dark red.

Name: Sousei Seal
Type of seal: Amplifier

Positive This seal is the life seal and since because of that it is taken the form of a god of life the pheonix. The user with this seal must first take 1 post to channel a S-rank amount of chakra to first activate the seal.

After that first activation the seal will not activate till 2 post’s later. When those two post’s have passed kaji will start to gain a pair of wings made of literal chakra that is solidified so he can fly. To make the wings it takes 4 post’s from the first two. Each level the wings will grow slightly larger and more solid.

After 3 post’s of putting in the S-rank chakra kaji will gain a increased healing ability able to heal large wounds in the matter of a few minutes and heal scratches in seconds. [1 post for a scratch 3 post’s for a minor wound 6 post’s for a major wound]

After 5 post’s from the S-rank amount has been entered Kaji will gain double his usual speed and strength. This means he is able to reach the power of 75% of the first gate.


This seal will first of all it can only remain active for 10 post’s all togethor then it will deactivate instantaniously. Each post after the 5th post will sap a B-rank amount of chakra from kaji and deal him a C-rank jutsu amount of damage to his internal organs.

Kaji will become tired after the 7th post of activation from the tole and he will be left with around a C-rank amount of chakra after this seal deactivates. After that kaji must get medical treatment as well since he has taken almost a lethal attack to his internal organs. He will also usually have a broken arm and 4 broken ribs if not more injurys from using this seal.
Seal information: See positive affects for transformation. This seal is located at kaji's right shoulder and its a carved in mark of a pheonix that is singed around it.

Name: Seishin rimmitta
Type of seal: Attack seal

Positive This seal is to only be used on the reanimated corpses that kaji creates. All it does is limit there functions and they must be ordered to do anything before they do it. This makes it impossible for them to hurt anyone if kaji does not wish it. Its usually placed at the neck or the head of the corpse.

Negative Kaji must constantly monitor these seals because if its broken the corpse will regain full control of its body and will usually go on a rampage.

Seal information: N/A

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Re: Kaji's seals

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:59 am



My Best Sketch ^^

Our name is Legion, for we are...Many

Abandon hope all ye who enter here,
Death is upon you with nothing but fear,
Sanity is lost and time knows no bounds,
as the whip cracks, hear those unearthly sounds,
scream out in pain then fade out in death,
cry all you want and waste your last breath.
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