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Slade... (not done)

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Slade... (not done)

Post by Slade on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:38 am

Name: Slade
Age 25
Village: Former sand

Appearance: Slade has blue eyes, black hair (comes to his ears) wears a hooded t shirt with his logo on it black trench coat over that. he's aabout 5'8 and weights 120. has scars all over his body. one above his left eye.
Personality:Slade is a total loner, he doesnt fight for fun he will only fight to protect his last bit of family or to make money. Slade doesnt believe in a system of rules and goverment. And love is a hopeless cause to him. He does not let ANYTHING get in the way. And He doesnt trust ANYONE
Alignment: neutral

History: Childhood
Slade's childhood was a pretty happy one, a loving family anything he could ever ask for
Start of Schooling
At first Slade had a hard time because he didnt understand the outside world and why he needed to learn and he didnt get along with other kids but soon does make a few friends. He believed all you needed was your family and friends but he soon learned thats wasnt ever going to happen because his family was killed in a random act of violence. (this is where he becomes a loner) he does talk to anyone after that he soon rises to the top of the class but not number one because he didnt want anyone to know his full power.
After Schooling
Slade did missions without ever show feelings or emotion. After a while the villagers got worried about Slade's well being so Slade was asked to see a doctor if he wished to continue doing missions. So Slade left the village and hasnt been seen in years.
Later years
Slade now lives in the forest alone with his pet wolf. He trained himself in every art of battle there is. Slade is a very feared assassin.
Bloodline: Shikaku
Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Elementally attuned, mental intuned
Element:Shadows, lightining
Goals: to live in this hell we call a world...

Rp Sample:

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my secret jutsu
seven-fold impale

Number of posts : 7
Age : 25
Location : Anywhere and everywhere
dating : love is a hopeless cause.
element : shadows
Points : 102

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Territory: Konohoagakure

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