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Akaru Kaguya[WIP]

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Akaru Kaguya[WIP]

Post by Akaru Kaguya on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:19 am

Name: Akaru Kaguya
Age 23
Rank: Anbu
Village: Kumogakure

Personality Not a very talkative man, Akaru spends a lot of his time reading books and training. Although he does not like to talk, when he is around friends, he will open up and tell jokes and laugh.
Alignment Good


Bloodline Clan Name: Kaguya Clan

Kekkei Genkai:
The Shikotsumyaku or dead bone pulse, lets them use their bones as weapons. there are currently five dances.
Genin- 1 dance
Chunin-3 dances
Jonin-4 dances
Kage- All dances

The 1st dance is the Flowering Blossom Dance. The user sprouts sharp bones from all around his body, and begins the dance, looking like a whirlwind of swirling blades.

The 2nd dance is the Alpha Dance. The user creates a dopple ganger out of bone, which charges the opponent. This is like Kankuro's puppet skill, as the doppleganger will trap the opponent, creating a cage out of its ribs. The user will then shoot bone like spears from its arms, intending to spear the opponent. Even if the attack misses, the user will continue to use the bone like spears as his weapons, attacking in a style much liked the unarmed Tiger style of the monks.

The 3rd dance is the Dance of the Earth. The user digs deep into the earth, concealing its chakra from the opponent. Creating a doppleganger to distract the opponent, the user concentrate on the bones growing from its body, and causes the entire battlefield to erupt with bone like spears coming from the ground. The user wil repeat this skill unless removed from the ground, attempting to dice the opponent up. As this is a bloodline skill, it takes a fair amount of stamina, but requires little chakra.

The 4th dance is the Dance of the Devil. The user created two rapiers out of its bones, and takes a stance much like the monk's Mantis Style. Striking pressure points with horrifying accuracy, this dance is named from a specific set of pressure points that is normally struck, causing the opponent to experience paralysis and blinding pain. The longer the user lets the opponent stay in that state, the closer they come to recieving the mind damage equivalent to Tsukiyomi from the pain

The 5th and final dance is the Dance of Doom. It can only be cast once, and only lasts 3 posts once cast. This dance causes the users bone structure and every bone that was created using this users bloodline to crumble into dust, letting them become one with the ground and the wind. They have complete control over the bone fragments and are able to mix the bone fragments into the wind, making it virtually impossible to trace them as this uses very little chakra, only enough to move the wind. The user can form a weapon from any amount of bone fragments, and after the attack the bones will dissolve again, preparing or another attack. Once the battle is over the user will return to their original form, and however much chakra is used determines how long the user is unconcious.

Clan History: The Kaguya clan was thought to have been extinct once Kimimaru died serving Orochimaru. However, this was not the case as Orochimaru had made many different clones of Kimimaru, and ignored then, assuming they would awaken on their own. One did, and set off on a trek to avenge his family for being used by Orochimaru. Finally arriving to Water country at the end of the 4th Great SHinobi war, he took up residence in Kumogakure, allowing the bloodline to once again emerge in this world.

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Akaru Kaguya

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