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Have i gone soft? Or do i just need a purpose? (Open)

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Have i gone soft? Or do i just need a purpose? (Open)

Post by Kaji-Kanto on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:47 am

The birds chirped serenely in the green forest. It was a sunny day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The wind was slowly picking up in small burst through the forest. There was a small river and if you followed the current up you would find a waterfall. There was a single rock in the flow of the waterfall. A man sat upon this rock as the tidal wave of crashing torrents cascaded onto him.

The man sat upon the rock his legs crossed and his head touching the rock as he was bent over cross legged. His hands were placed into a hand-sign that had only been seen by the dead and this man. The man was soaking wet not that it made much of a difference since he was being pounded by torrents of water. His white robes stuck to his body and seemed to only be a hindrance since you could see right through them to his white skin. From beyond the roar of the waterfall’s charging waters there was another voice. One would only happen to guess that it was of this man.

”Dead. Why do i feel like this. I have everything i believe i wanted. So much power that a village of people have dropped to a snap of my finger. So much fun that i can laugh my troubles away. However after this futile laughing and enjoyment i come back to this feeling.

Am i dead? Was i killed? Then i was killed by who? What is making me feel so empty?”

”It’s your purpose. You no longer have one. Its more like you are worthless. Just garbage without that purpose. You could achieve any goal you needed yet you’re stuck with this nothingness of a life. Look around us were in a forest full of life. They all have a purpose to keep the delicate ecosystem in balance. They strive for survival even though at the end of the line they’ll die.”

”Ahh, so it’s you.. again. Well i guess you’re right but the thing is a purpose is what the weak strive for. I not being one of that type will not succumb to there petty little hopes. I can make anything i want or need a reality. So your argument is invalid.”

”Hmm, now there you’re being unreasonable. Was it not you who left krigakure because you felt there was nothing there for you? I know it was so in that thought process you no longer had a purpose in krigakure so you moved on. You hypocritical son of a *****”

”You know i really do hate you. However you’re right so i cant help it. I guess i am still human no matter how much i deny my human side. I believe that currently i’m insane since i am laying here while a force of water is pounding me on the back while i talk to myself.”

”I guess you are right about us being insane. However it is your fault since you are the one who made us. Its your mind were just living in it.”

Kaji then brought his head up and let out a dark cackle into the air that seemed to just pierce the water with just pure chakra energy releasing from the man. He stood up onto his feat and just shook his head slowly as he let his legs buckle and send him flying through the air soon landing onto the river. A steady stream of chakra escaping his feet allowing him to walk across the water. He made his way towards the shore and soon he removed the white cloak that had become so wet that it was worthless to be worn.

As the man let the white robe drop it revealed his chest which was completely white but it was essentially covered in red marks that were deep scars. Most of them which would be popular to contrary belief were mostly all self inflicted. On his right shoulder was a single seal shaped like a phoenix. It looked like it was burnt since his skin was completely black around it. Kaji sighed as he laid down and spread the white robe under him. He sighs as he rolls his hand in the dirt around him and soon he heard himself drifting back into the conversation.

”You really are to soft for your own good now. You are a complete wimp.”

”I Know i’m a wimp now I cant even bring myself to terrorize a village anymore. Also.... you’re a wimp to man.” Kaji sighed as he was turning soft now that he had nothing to do. Kaji placed his hand over his closed eyes and sighed deeply as he just let himself return listening to the sounds of nature. He sighed once more as he just realized that today had been Taki’s lucky day.

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Re: Have i gone soft? Or do i just need a purpose? (Open)

Post by Takai mazuka on Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:12 am

the path of ryuu appeared at the top of the waterfall and listed to the entire conversation with himself. It was as if there were two different people inside the kid as he spoke. "hmm this one is crazy. Maybe i should just kill him. Theres not much he could do about it anyway." ryuu grinned as he though. waving his hand lightly the waterfall fall slower, seemingly bending out and directly on top of the rogue ninja before him.

Ryuu stood at full height of 6'11. his black spiky hair unaffected by the small gusts of winds that went by. He looked about the age of 16 or 17 years old, and was in need of a shave. But he was very muscular. His eyes were the most noticeable part of him. The black piercing pupils, with red and green rings around it. Ryuu grinned, revealing sharp teeth that could rip through most things beside strong metals. He wore a black cloak over his clothes. Unable to see what he wore under it.

as he bended the water using his power over gravity, a second person appeared. He was shorter. But shared the same eyes. He also wore a black robe, but he was about 5'10 tall, and slim. His hair went down to his shoulders, and was clearly blue. "you know you shouldn't torture the poor crazy boy. For all you know he might be injured." the second one spoke. His voice scratchy, like running your nails across a chalk board. "nah it's not like he can do anything. Why must you be nice sometimes daiki?" ryuu chuckled lightly. "im medical ninja. But that doesn't mean i wont hurt you" daiki threatened. The two whispered among eachother. Each watching the boy at the bottom of the waterfall with one eye.
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