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Aoiharu's Weapons. (Will Add more as time goes)

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Aoiharu's Weapons. (Will Add more as time goes)

Post by Aoiharu on Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:15 am

Okay, so here's how i'm working this. I'll add a Date to the weapon/item that i add on here with a certain affilated color with it. (ex. Date: Monday, Oct. 21, 2008 and then i'd put the items on there in the same color.)

Date: Monday November 9, 2009

Name: Poison Senbon
Apperance: Thin, tiny needles attached to a wristband on her wrists. Wristbands are a dark blue. Hands are protected by gloves when item it attached.
History: Aoi was working on an antidote to a common posion for a patient, when she came across an unknown plant in the woods while searching for poppy. She took this plant into the hospital and extracted some of it's fluids. The tests showed a high rate of acids in the the plant's juices.

Toying around with it, she descovered that side effects of the posion cause a severe burn, melted skin, yellowed or scarred tissue internally, and if injected into the blood stream, can cause blood posioning with an imideate death.

Description:To realease, she draws back an small thread on her wrist band while laying her hand flatly inthe air, pointing toward it's object. Each Wrist band has 24 Senbons attached.

Name: Healing Sphere
Apperance: Small black ball-shiny- with white kanji engraved on a side that says " Health or Death"
History: Was developed by an old Sensei of Aoiharus. This sensei had a problem 'back in the day' when a war was going on, and enemy ninja would steal their First Aid and other healing products. Sensei (As Aoi calls her) was a skilled medic ninja and a highly respected Katon-affliated user. Sensei found a small black stone once on a mission. The mission was to transport and protect a greatly needed healing potion for some solider ninja who had been in a reacent deadly battle. They only had a day to get there.

The sensei cracked the rock in two and put the potion in, and sealed it back with a special seal. The seal was taught to Aoi and a few select other pupils of the Sensei.

Instead of using a rock though, Aoi makes a special clay ball that is hollow and uses that.

Description:A small round, black ball with healing potion in it. Sealed with a special seal so that only the person who put the seal(which is a White Kanji for " health or death") or whoever's chakra is insterted with the seal. If another person, besides the chakra samples in the seal, tries to open it in any forceful way or inject chakra in it, the ball will blow up from whatever kind of chakra is in the seal. (ex, if the medic is a wind user, it will be an explosion of wind)

Name: Hyuuga Clan Jyuuken Sword of the Ages
Apperance: A normal Katana with the Hyuuga symbol on the sheath and the hilt of the sword.
History: Has been pasted down from Hyuuga leader to Hyuuga leader for many ages.

Description:Normal Katana
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