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Kaji's swords

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Kaji's swords

Post by Kaji-Kanto on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:09 pm

Name: Shinsho (or Shinso as it was once called)
History: This blade was forged by a man who was a powerful sword smith. This man spent his entire life trying to infuse a what seemed to be a godlike chakra in a single blade. However as his life seemed to dwindle and no success a single man came through his door.

The man had white hair and a devilish smirk. He suggested the idea of giving someones life to infuse the chakra in it. The man was shocked but he was old and senile and let the thought settle in his mind that it could work.

As the man said it was good enough to try he was stabbed with the blade he spent his life to make. As he slide off it his blood left a stain and with a sudden blast the chakra that was to be placed into the blade collected among the blood. The blood soaked into the blade and the chakra had been sealed into it.

The man who had killed the sword smith for this weapon was known as an evil man. Kaji Kanto.


Shinsho is a blade infused with its own chakra storage and an essential spirit inside. This was done because of a white chakra infusing itself in blood of a man who was skewered with this blade and then soaked into it. This blade is a extremely powerful blade when used correctly.

It has a few abilites that are based on voice commands.

The first ability is that of shooting off a surge of white chakra. This surge of chakra is essentially a B-rank blast of chakra. This chakra moves at first in a straight line. After 5 meteres kaji has free manipulation of this chakra’s path meaning he can make it do essentially whatever he wants till it has been used up. (One large impact will essentially use it all up but 3 minor impacts will use it up) This technigue is released by the phrase “Shoot to kill”

This technigue also comes with a few spin-off technigues that can be used.
[*] This one of the tecnigues is where Shinsho is placed into the ground and then the release phrase is called. The chakra will then enter the ground and split into 20 essentially swords made of white chakra. These swords on a simple either a snap of kaji’s fingers or a nod in a certain direction will fly out of the ground and skewer what ever it hits from below.

The secondary release of the blade is hidden as of yet (When Gin’s bankai is released in the bleach manga it will be updated with a narutoized version of his bankai)

Name: Seele Schneider
History: The seele is a modified saber that was created to almost mimic the second hokages blade. It was taken by that design and modified to almost become a samehada.

The man leading this experimental team at his own expense was a man named Kaji Kanto. These are the first of the seeles to make it out of beta testing for a complete testing through battle.

However, it has a simple ability that whenever it cuts a pure chakra amounts. (So, It’s useless against earth based chakra and any chakra that is applied to items.) It will take Fifty Percent of the chakra from the attack and then instantly re-dispurse that chakra to completely throw off the attack and disperse it making it harmless. (This can only be used on B rank’s and below level techniques)

It also has the ability to be charged by the wielder and then used as somewhat of a more efficient version of the last ability. It can hold up to two S-rank amounts of chakra and also be able to slice through physical objects with great ease. However if it has to it can disperse Justus that aren't physical. (So again no earth or chakra applied to items) It can disperse any attack for the exact same cost of chakra that is used in the jutsu to disperse it. (Chakra is supplied by wielder but released from sword after charging it. [Takes 4 post’s to completely charge the saber])


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Re: Kaji's swords

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:02 am



My Best Sketch ^^

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