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Aizen Hoshigaki

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Aizen Hoshigaki

Post by Aizen Hoshigaki on Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:45 am

Name: Aizen Hoshigaki

Age 27

Rank: Anbu

Village: Kirigakure now lives in Kumogakure

Aizen stands at about 6'7 and normaly has a rather large claymore on his back, another unusuel thing about Aizen is the large seal tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Aizen also wears his mist village head band that has a large cut going though it around his body like a sash, Another part of Aizen's attire is his black robes that he will usually always wear at any accation.

Personality: Aizen is a very logical person thinking every action out before he does it, he only will attack another person if he truely has a reason for it. although he is a very dark person on the inside Aizen would profer to be sleeping or doing absolty nothing if he had the chance to do so, even though he is lazy Aizen is a very hard worked when he needs to be if he is on a high rank misson he will not stop until his duty is complete. Aizen is also know for being very lazy at times and is usually always hungery. And to top it all off Aizen is very much a goof ball most of the times when the mood isn't to serious.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Bloodline : Hoshigaki

Specialty: Kenjutsu (sword), Ninjutsu, Elementally attuned

Element: Main:Water Sub:Wind Sub:Ice

Goals: To find Happiness...or what he thinks is Happiness

Rp Sample: (from another site) High above Kurakara Town Shingai flouted smirking and saying “ oh little buggy, should we really play a game of tag with these humans who cant even see me?” laughing to himself after he said this he used sonido and appeared in the middle of the street of a busy intersection. Shingai smiled and as soon as the green light flashed and the cars started to come toward him Shingai held out his hand and fired off a Cero destroying everything in its path. “green mean go right kitty?” said Shingai as he smirked at the destruction that lay before him. Using sonido once more Shingai appeared next to a man who had come to investigate the explotion. Shingai drew his blade and said “TAG! Your it” he cackled as he cut the man down where he stood. Shingai now happy with himself smiled and snapped his fingers opening a garganta and vanishing back into Hueco Mundo. As the garganta began to slowly close behind him Shingai smirked and evil smirk as he continued to walk on the stair case of his own reishi, as the evil look upon his face appeared he began to think to himself why do i kill Kitty?...eh guess its just good clean fun as he continued to think these thoughts he heard a voice in his head saying his name over and over a bit confused Shingai began to look around makeing sure he was the only one in the darkness. Once he could not find anyone around him he yelled out "Kitty?! is that you kitty?!" still very confused Shingai began to run up the stair case of reishi toward what seemed to be the image of a little girl he stood there holding her hand out, quickening his run Shingai tryed to reach out to her but just before he could touch the girls hand the garganta ripped back open and he fell face first into the white sands of Hueco Mundo. After he picked himself up and got the sand off himself he said "i need to lay off the drugs..." laughing alittle at what he said he began to head back to Los Noches whistling as he walked.



Aizen grew up as a very mischievous and always got involed in things he should be involed with. When Aizen was just a baby his father one of the Seven legendary swords men of the mist sealed the spirit of the Sanbi into his body but sacrificing his mother to do so, on his Tenth birthday Aizen’s father thought that Aizen was old enough to understand what had happened to him and the dark deeds he did to his mother, but once Aizen knew what his father had really done to him he lose control and went into an uncontrollable rage where the Sanbi took control of Aizens actions and caused hism to kill his father that night, when Aizen had finally awaken from his rage he saw that he was covered in blood scared and confused as to what happened Aizen ran away from home until ne found an abandon lake house. As Aizen grew up he always loved the water due to the fact he had the spirit of a three tailed turtle inside of him so living next to a lake was a perfect place for him to raise himself. Aizen found the lake to be a peaceful and happy place and he wished the whole world could be this peaceful, that day Aizen made a pact to himself that he would one day bring peace to the world by any means possible.

Genin and Chunin arc
At the Age of 12 Aizen had granduated from the ninja academy of Kirigakure, that day was the happiest memory that Aizen has because he had finally accomplished something he had finally become a real ninja. In his days as a genin Aizen spent most of his time doing missons and training with his team, Aizen was always afraid when he fought and usually tried to restrict himself because he didn’t want to lose control like he did that day with his father. Aizen wasn’t really the talkative one he tried to make friends with his team mates the best he could but due to Aizen raising himself and lacked human social skills. One day his Sensei had followed him to his hidden lake house and confronted him trying to find out why he wasn’t fighting at his full strength, Aizen told his sensai thinking he would remove him from the group out of fear was surpraised to find out that his sensai would keep his secret and try to help him learn to control his “Inner Demon”.
When Aizen and his team where finally ready for the chunin exams Aizen had still not learned to control the Sanbi to the point that he thought it was safe for him to be fighting, but even though he felt this way he still gave it his all during the chunin exams and sadly ended up killing everyone he was forced to fight. Aizen was the only one on his team to become a chunin, and now that the village knew he was the host for the sanbi they began to hate him.

Jonin and Anbu arc

Several years later Aizen exceled and became a jonin rank ninja at the young age of 17. even though he was a high rank ninja he was still hated by everyone in the village and many people tried to kill him in his sleep, but like many others before they where stroke down when Aizen lost control of the sanbi. Now that he had killed so many he was banished from Kirigakure for committing murder countless times. Aizen angered by what the kill had done to him quickly leaft the village before he could be arrested, Aizen soon found his new home in the village of Kumogakure where he tryed to stay hidden as long as his secret was safe and he was no longer hunted by his own village. Over the years of hiding in Kumogakure Aizen developed a hatered for Kirigakure and its people and now seeks revenge toword them. Alone in Kumogakure Aizen began his personal training to finally learn how to control the Sanbi within himself before he had another incident on his hands like the one at Kirigakur. After three long years Aizen finally was able to master the abilties of the Sanbi he was cursed with, Now able to control the Sanbi Aizen continued his training in hopes of becomeing a Anbu of Kumogakure. After another three years of training he finally achieved his goal and became an anbu at the age of 23 he now serves as part of the Raikage's private guard and a bounty hunter for the village of Kumogakure.

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Aizen Hoshigaki

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Re: Aizen Hoshigaki

Post by Aizen Hoshigaki on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:55 am

Aizen Hoshigaki

Number of posts : 15
Age : 26
element : water
Points : 27

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Re: Aizen Hoshigaki

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:00 am

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mizukage/6taildemon/lightning god/levina clan leader

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Re: Aizen Hoshigaki

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