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Kusabana Rin

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Kusabana Rin

Post by Rin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:02 am

Name: Kusabana Rin (japanese style)

Age: 16

Rank: jounin

Village: Sunagakure


Rin stands at 5’5” and weighs 103 pounds. She has brown hair that extends down to her shoulders. Her hair is usually pulled back into a pony-tail or bun to keep it out of her face, but if in a relaxed environment she will have it down. Also she has an eye color that is golden brown that she dislikes extremely but most people would think otherwise

Rin wears her headband around her neck, with the Sand village emblem on it. She has pink arm bands that stretch up to just below her elbows. Also she has a tiny pink dress like attire that is somewhere around her finger tip length. Fishnet stockings that stretch from her pink dress like attire to a couple inches above the knee, and some more fishnet stretching from the top of the pink dress to around her neck.

Personality: Rin is the exact opposite of what her name would entail, she is actually quiet bubbly and a very curious person. She loves to see new things, and to try new things. Each day she sees as another adventure. Though she can be quite bubbly, she also has her negative side in which she’ll be quieter and have a venomous look on her face. Even while she is negative she is still caring, and will help those who are less fortunate.
She enjoys reading, drawing, people with pure and powerful chakra, etc. Most of her hobbies revolve around the written hand, as she likes things that involve creativity. The only thing that does not involve creativity that she enjoys would be shopping and pure and powerful chakra, which in their own way could also be creative.

Alignment: Neutral

Bloodline: Kagura (I’ll explain as soon as this is approved and when the template for clans is up :/ )

Specialty: Ninjutsu and Weaponry

Element: I’m guessing it’ll be assigned ? But if not then Dominant: (2) Water and Air Recessive: (1) Fire

Goals: To be well known in the shinobi world

Rp Sample: A growl that sounded as if it came from a blood thirsty lion erupted from within Rin’s belly. Looking around she noticed little choice of where to go to eat. Looks like I’m having Raman again. She thought with disgust. For the past few weeks all she has had was Raman one freaking day after another. Taking out her coin purse she walked into the tiny Raman shop.

Inside there was only a two tables, and a small section that was supposed to be a bar that only had one bar stool. There was no one in sight, but Rin knew someone was there. She could taste it; sour tastes of a wash out shinobi. Slowly, she walked over to one of the empty tables. While taking a seat she grabbed a menu and looked over the choices. Well what do you know? Crappy place has crappy choices.

The washout shinobi, now the run down raman shop owner, walked over to her table. “What would you like, ma’m?” She let out a tiny sigh as she went over the selection in her head again, nothing sounded good. “I don’t really care just give me anything hot and satisfying.” The owner nodded, and walked off behind the bar grabbing an assortment of ingredients.

After a few moments, which felt like hours to the starving kunoichi; the raman shop owner came back with what she could only describe as goo. Unwillingly she took a bite, and let out a tiny sound of disgust. She didn’t know what tasted worse the taste of the raman shop owner’s chakra or the goo. I guess food is food. She thought disdainfully as she ate the rest.
As she got up she left a tip that was definitely too much for the crappy accommodations that she received, but she felt sorry for the worthless washout shinobi gone crappy worthless raman shop owner.

Looking up she smiled at the man, before heading out. Back to wandering, to somewhere to make herself well known in the world of the strong, the power shinobi.


The Dropoff:

Rin was born into a family with little to no worth. Each of them had meaningless lives, so eventually they all decided to become test subjects for crazed shinobi. Her parents were also a part of this, but they wanted better for their daughter; so right before their family went off to be test subjects they dropped their infant of a child at an orphanage. She remembers little of her family; all she knows is that each had amazing potential to be great but they all ruined it. Although she loves her family dearly she still feels humiliation each time people bring them up.

The Orphanage
Rin’s time in the orphanage didn’t last long because at that time many shinobi were in search of children to train to become the next generation of great shinobi. The few days that Rin was actually in the orphanage, was hell. It was a one story orphanage that had three rooms and sixteen children; ten boys and six girls. One room was for the owners, one for the boys, and one for the girls. The orphanage was always crowded and full of depressed kids. These kids were different, they didn’t have the energy to be naughty or have fun; they just moped around until a family came and adopted them.
Rin and another girl were different. They always went into the backyard, which was also a family owned cemetery; and played hide-and-seek around the tomb stones. Even through the depressing times they made each other smile, until they were separated. The girl and Rin were adopted by enemy shinobi families, and they never saw each other again.

A New Life
Rin’s new life was rough and challenging, but she stuck to it with grace. Each day her new family trained her and made her study nonstop so she could be ahead of the rest of the academy students. At first this seemed exciting, maybe she could become well known, but after a few weeks she tired of it. She stuck to it, but she didn’t like it. What hurt the most to her though was not being comforted by her best friend, the girl from the orphanage.

Academy Life
Rin’s academy life was short just like her orphanage life. It seemed that those weeks of training and studying paid off, and she graduated a whole year ahead of the rest of her class. While, she was in the academy she stood apart, having no friends what so ever. So, while the other kids played during their breaks, she studied or trained. This helped her achieve greatness among her classmates.

Genin Life
Rin was excited, finally she was a shinobi. She pictured all of the ruthless missions that she was going to do. Even though she knew all her missions wouldn’t be as high caliber as she was fantasizing at the moment, she still couldn’t wait. As she arrived she noticed that she was the first one there. So, she waited and waited until finally her fellow genin arrived.
Together they waited for hours on end, until the sun was finally dropping, and their sensei arrived. Their sensei was a crude little man that looked like he hadn’t bathed in weeks. After a few moments of her new squad having a stare down, the sensei finally started to speak. “Well, I guess we might as well get to know each other. Let’s start with the two boys then the little girl.” Rin just ignored the little comment and listened to her fellow genin’s stories.
The first boy had white spiky hair, glasses, a white shirt, and white pants to match, while the second had red hair that was pulled back into a pony tail, red shirt, with navy blue pants. The first boy introduced himself. “Hello, I am Tamashii Kenji. I am 14 years old, and my dream is to join the anbu one day.” Soon after him the second boy took his turn. “Hi, I’m Yugoa Nushii. I am 14, and my dream is to become an academy teacher and teach the future shinobi.”
Finally it was Rin’s turn, but before she could start her sensei took over. “Well, my name is unimportant just called me sensei sir. I am none of your business, and my dream is to get this over with.” A silent gulp escaped from the three genin. As calmly as she could Rin started. “Hello, my name is Kusabana Rin. I am 13 years old, and my dream is to be well known over all of the great shinobi nations.” Soon after this they all departed and went to their houses.
After the first day they all went on tiny missions that ever genin does; like finding a lost cat, picking up trash, etcetera.

The Chuunin Exams
Over the year all Rin’s squad did were tiny missions. Never once have they done a big mission which involved real fighting, but either way Rin felt ready. Even without a big mission, she had been training with her adopted family, who were a bunch of chuunin or jounin. This year the chuunin exams were being hosted in Konohagakure. Rin and her squad arrived on time for the first part of the chuunin exams, The Written Part. This test was harder than expected, though she knew all the answers but two. At the end it turned out that it didn’t matter because most of the other genin got caught cheating, and the rest were passed for participation.
After The Written Part, they went off to the forest of death to find two scrolls; the heaven and earth scroll. Rin’s squad started out with the heaven scroll, and they found the earth scroll without having to even fight because apparently one of the squads made a mistake and dropped their scroll at the beginning. After grabbing the earth scroll they quickly ran off to the tower, with little trouble.
After the forest of death part, they were rushed to the tournament part of the exam. Luckily, there were only 6 genin who made it to this half of the exam, counting her squad. Each of the genin only had to fight once before going to the second half of the tournament part of the exam, and Rin was the first to fight.
Again luck was on her side because the genin she had to fight passed out as soon as it began from total fear. This was to her disliking though and she begged the chuunin exam prospector to give her another fight, but they declined. Although she passed her other two teammates failed, making her move up to the second half while they stayed genin.
Again Rin was set to be the first to fight. An epic battle was underway, which lead to Rin standing victorious while her opponent was sent straight to the hospital with medical ninja. Soon the numbers were dwindling until the final battle was under way. This battle came within the same results; Rin standing over her beaten opponent. Rin was the only one that time to pass the chuunin exams.

Chuunin Arc
The first week she became chuunin she was sent out on a mission to recover some stolen forbidden scrolls from a rogue shinobi. Her and her team came back successful; which made her kage proud. One mission after another she was successful. You’d think this would go to her head, but each time she feared defeat which made her try harder.
After awhile, it was time for her to take the jounin exams. Her exam took three days, the first half of the day she fought with two jounin. The other half and the second day she spent time hiding and thinking strategy, while the third day she expertly defeated the jounin. With a smile of victory she received her jounin vest.

Jounin Arc
Rin’s jounin arc has just started, so this adventure has just started.

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Re: Kusabana Rin

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:14 am

approved *stamps application paper*
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