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Mizaki Tetsu

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Mizaki Tetsu

Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:47 am

Name: Mizaki Tetsu

Age: 12

Rank: Genin

Village: Kirigakure

Mizaki usually wears his green headband with the leaf emblem on it. Mizaki has redish brownish eyes with silver hair. He wears his fingerless brown gloves all the time, exept when he sleeps. Mizaki wears a brown cloak all the time, sometimes puts up his hood. He wears a navy blue shirt and pants and a red belt.
Sometimes he wears all black, but usually navy blue. He also wears black ninja shoes, and sometimes has blue shoes. He also has a blue headband, but doesn't use it much.

Personality: Mizaki is sometimes dark and depressive. He would be the loner of the group, just trying to be alone. Mizaki looks at life with different views then most people. Mizaki is a average Genin to the world. Big dreams, and not much to accomplish. Mizaki also shows a smile, even when depressed. He will have a smile on. The difference between his fake smile and his real smile, is in his eyes. If his eyes are darker then normal, the its a fake smile. But if their the same colour as everyday. Then its a real one.

Alignment: Good(?)

Bloodline: None

Specialty: Taijutsu & Ninjutsu

Element:(will be assigned in future)

Goals: To become Kage

Rp Sample: Mizaki was on his first hunt and was walking down the streets of Moscow and he saw a spirit turning into a hollow. But he kept his cool, but with a little unease, due to this being his first kill. But he was determined.
Then the spirit turned into a hollow and saw Mizaki and charged at him a full speed.
Mizaki charged at first then he quickly moved out of the way and let the hollow attack. When the hollow attacked with it’s fist, Mizaki ran down it’s arm and slashed at his head. And it slowly cut through like butter. And all it took was 5 seconds to desolve into nothing. Mizaki slowly put his sword away and looked at the place where the Hollow’s fist landed. He studied the hole and learned the power of the target quickly. Why was it so strong? Yet so weak? Then he turned around and saw 12 more Hollows surrounding him. And he quickly charged at one of them and slashed and his attack was repelled. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." Fires a column of blue fire at all of the hollow in a second , but when the dust cleared. Only 5 where dead. Damn! I thought that would work! so he quickly slashed a their heads and dodged 5 of them and got hit by the last 2. Then he quickly became frustrated that this situation got out of hand so he started to use his released Zanpakuto. "Death before Baski!" as his Zanpakuto changed the Hollow became enraged and charged at him with killer intent. Then he stabbed one of the Hollow in the neck and cut 360 degrees and stared at the other one and appeared behind it and slashed it's head off.

Birth(0-5): Mizaki played with his Father whenever he got home from a mission. His Father would help teach Mizaki things of the ninja world. Like saving people from being killed, helping others in need. All the good things in the ninja life, but his father left out all the bad things, like killing others for the Village, mostly the dark stuff. Mizaki's Mother on the other hand, she taught him how to cook, and all the cleaning stuff he needed for future life.

Childhood Arc(5-9):
Mizaki was a normal kid, he had a Jounin father and a stay at home mother. He lived at the edge of the village, outside of all the ruckus from the busy streets in the centre. He trained with his father at Taijutsu, and he helped his mother with making food and cleaning the house. He had a pretty average life. Happy & carring family, life at peace. Untill his father was killed on a mission. He was destroyed on that day, thats where his depressed attitude came from. He tried his best to keep the house clean for his mother, who started to work because of the death of her husband. Mizaki said to himself he would join the ninja academy and become a ninja like his late father.

Academy Arc(9-12):
He entered the academy at the age of 9. Normally a old age for some students, but he didn't enter the academy at the young age. He was extremely good at Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, but he lagged behind in Genjutsu and Weapon training. He trained hard at them so he wouldn't fail, but he was always good at Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, so he keep them in check as well. After about 4 years he passed, he had to do extra studying to just get by, everyone who he started the academy with already graduated and became Chuunin. He felt sorta left behind, but he didn't mind it at all. He was a Genin now.


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