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levina clan (( lightning minipulation ))

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levina clan (( lightning minipulation ))

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:33 am

Name: levina clan: lightning minipulation variation

Abilites: the levina clan members are born with a special birth mark on them. it is located on teh arm, leg, back, chest, or face. the birthmark is actually a mark of power, used for increase lightning minipulation. it looks like this.

the mark becomes activated when induced with massive amounts of lightning. this process is extremely painful. this process will take about 1 hour to complete. the mark spreads down the arm and glows a dim yellow when the user becomes a chuunin. it will give them slightly more control over lightning. when the user becomes jounin it gives them full control over lightning.

kekkei genkai: the clans eyes have unique powers. there are 4 levels of the eyes and each is gained by specific actions.
level 1: appearence:
level one is the weakest of all levels. it slows down the world around them. the world moves 25% slower. giving the user better reflexes and allowing them to dodge easier. also gives the user the control of blue lightning. making their lightning jutsus slightly more powerful. to obtain the eye you must train with lightning and take large doses of lightning for a long time (few hours). than the lightning will focus up into your eye forcing you to go through extreme pain as the lightning fuses with your eye and brain.

the level 2 eyes give the user green lightning. it increases the power of lightning jutsus even more. the eyes give the ability to force a powerful lightning storm into the area. making it rain and natural lightning to increase the static in the air to draw from. to obtain thse eyes the leader or co-leader of the clan must force white or black lightning into your eyes. forcing the power of level 2 out from its dorment state. the user will go into shock as their eyes turn blus and a storm is literally created in the pupil. once the storm is complete the user will go blind and be in severe pain for 2 days (real time and unable yo start any new rps)

level 3:appearence:
level 3 allows the user to control a lightning at its fullest. the lightning turns a colour of their choice (besides white or black). this level gives the user some of the abilities of raijuu. allowing the user to perform lightning jutsus much easier than normal. allows to control the natural lightning in a cloud. to obtain this level eye the user must meditate in front of a golden statue of the lightning god. once the lightning god (raijuu's jinchuuriki) proves you worthy a large stor will form overhead and lightning will strike you nonstop untill your entire eye clides in and ecplodes creating a white eye and black some in the form of a skull. this process is the most painful and you will be forced to neardeath.

level 4: appearence:
this level is restricted to the leader and co-leader of the clan. the leader of the clan get white lightning, and the co-leader gets black lightning. this level you gain two ability. the leader and co-leader gain the ability to travel through the clouds at high speeds. they become a living lightning bolt. also when you gain this eye you achive the ability to copy any lightning jutsu you witness. you gain this eye from meditation. long hours in the meditation state will cause your eyelids to weld shut, extremely painfully, and force you to go blind. your eyes will form slowly and eventually open again when its ready. the process can take anywher from 1-6 days

History: there is almost no known history on the clan. only that long ago the lightning god was hated for the destruction he brang. so he began cursing few people adn thus the creation of this clan formed. the first were scared and hated. they couldnt control teh lightning that followed them and went into hiding. many years later they began emerging together. they learned how to control this new clan. they banded together and still stand to this day. but they are few in numbers and feared in many places.
mizukage/6taildemon/lightning god/levina clan leader
mizukage/6taildemon/lightning god/levina clan leader

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