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tsurugi buster sword

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tsurugi buster sword

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:25 am

Name: tsurugi


Description: this blade was forged by the finest blacksmith and strongest chakra users on the planet. forgingthis blade with lightning and pure chakra. as its formed it glows yellow and each hit sends off lightning. it has the power to be used in any form of the blade than just the completed. each part has a differant ability for fightning. (the fighting types are just the form and are of no importance or bonus for chakra

Elemental Affinity(if any):lightning

technique 1: utilizing all parts of the tsurugi, shuura stabs it into the ground. the sword breaks apart into each individual blade and surrounds the enemy.forcing him into confusion, shuura jumps into the air grabbing one of the blades and in the flash of an eye he appears behind him,slashing through him with the blade, grabbing another part and putting them together, this process continues until the sword is complete.when it is done shuura appears above the enemy and swings down at them. this technique is almost impossible to dodge as it all happens in less than a second.

( that means as i put the blade together im slashing him with the sword. putting the sword together with another peice, than doing it again )
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