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Hyouton Creation

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Hyouton Creation

Post by Diabloss33 on Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:11 am

Bloodline Name/Surname: Hyouton Creation

Clan Classification: Bloodline Limit

Kekkei Genkai: Elemental

Element: Hyouton Creation

Description: Hyouton Creation

Unique Insignia:

Clan History:

Kekkei Genkai Information: This unnamed Ice Style ability is the blood inheritance limit of the Clan Haku hailed from in the Water Country. This unique Ice style is formed through Haku's simultaneous usage of the Water and Wind elemental styles. The citizens of the Water Country blamed the bloodline clans for the constant wars and strife. They turned against the bloodlines and murdered many of them. Clan members fled into hiding and tried to avoid using their bloodline abilities anymore for fear of being killed. Haku's mother fled her clan and married a citizen of the Water Country. When he found out that she had passed on these abilities to her son, he murdered her and came after Haku. Haku was ill-prepared to control his powers, and lashed out to protect himself. His powers took the surrounding water and formed it into an ice spike protective prison. Though his life was spared, his knee jerk response to protect himself killed his father in the process. A homeless Haku was later found by Momochi Zabuza, who saw he could exploit Haku's bloodline abilities for his own nefarious ends.

Haku's powers allow him to take water and freeze it into various forms of ice. Such an ability allows him to turn ice into senbon or into mirrors. Haku can also do many of his jutsu through one-handed seals, something practically unknown and impossible to most ninja. Haku's two primary uses of his ability is Sensatsu Suishou and Makyou Hyoushou.

Sensatsu Suishou is a Ninjutsu technique which uses nearby water to form ice senbon. Haku first kicks water into the air with his foot, and as it rises it freeze to form a "thousand" needles. With the handseal still in place, he can release the needles when needed to have them come raining down on his target.

Makyou Hyoushou is a Ninjutsu technique which uses nearby water to form long flat ice mirrors 360 degrees around the target. Haku himself then places his body inside one of the mirrors. Once inside the mirror, Haku can use the mirror reflections to confuse his target. Utilizing the reflections, Haku can almost instantaneously move from one mirror to the other. Due to the speed, his target will appear to be moving in slow motion. Because of this he can unleash numerous needles into his opponent with little difficulty. Using this technique for long periods of time however, will quickly use up Haku's chakra.

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