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Curse Seal of Power

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Curse Seal of Power

Post by Diabloss33 on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:13 am

Name:Curse Seal of Power

Rank: A


Origin:This comes from Gama's father. Gama was given a curse seal at a young age, so he could one day be stronger. The seal comes from the research from Orochimaru. Gama's father studied the person Juugo and gave Gama a similar Curse seal

Appearance: Seal:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Advantages: Level 1: Gama is able to use its powers to its full extent without it eroding his body. Also, unlike the cursed seals distributed to other people, He can have many more forms to change to, as opposed to being restricted into one. He can control his transformation, unlike the static effects of a standard Cursed Seal. He can also fuse part of his body, while in Cursed Seal form, to replace parts of other Cursed Seal-infected people's bodies. He can also take bodies of others to fuse into his own body to repair injuries.

Level 2: By entering into his Level 2 state, Gama gains massive power boost, but loses his mind into his murderous side. As with all others with a Cursed Seal, Gama's skin turns dark, with black sclera in the eyes. His elbows have sharper edgings, his nails sharpen, he grows horns at the top of his head that extends to his cheeks, and on his back are what appears to be six jet boosters like appendages. These appendages can increase in number and extend forward to aim at a target of Gama's choosing, then launch massive blasts of chakra with cannon-like force, devastating an opponent, especially at point-blank range. In his Level 2 form, Gama is also very resilient

Downsides:In level 2, Gama loses his mind, and tries to kill whoever is in his way. This is not fully master, Gama cannot use level 2 as of yet. Not being master, this does put somewhat of a toll on Gama. If he uses the first form to the fullest, it can hard him in battle. However, he can still fight.

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