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shuura levina

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shuura levina

Post by raikuni on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:12 am

Name: shuura

Age: 17

Bloodline: levina

Rank: mizukage
Village: land of water (mist)
Alignment: corrupt

Appearance: has long while hair. eyes contantly a dark black with lightning flying through it. wears a black cloak with a tight underarrmor, with lots of kunai holders and a katana on his back. wears thick combat boots that are extremely light. about 6 feet tall he looks constantly angry.

Personality: has an unknown attreaction to blood and very sharp teeth. he is usally very calm and depressed sounding. he tends to get irritated when people dont follow the rules and is prone to killing for small reasons. enjoys making people suffer, but hates when peoples lived get screwed up due to a bijuu being sealed inside them. (read the history to find out why)

History: born on march 9 1992. his parents were both levina. he grew up in the mist village. when he turned 2 he showed total interest in chakra and knew how to use it. so his parents began teaching him some of the clans jutsus. in less than 2 months he learned how to use lightning jutsus. after a few years he became a master at useing genin level lightning and mist jutsus. he started in the acadamy at age 6.

after 3 years in the acadamy he graduated at the top of the class. he became the youngest ninja to ever graduate from the acadamy in the mist village. the next few months he lived at home honing his abilities of lightning. he soon got his parents to teach him chuunin level jutsus and spent the next year learning them and finally mastered the chuunin level jutsus.

a few months later he took part in the chuunin exams. now almost 10 years old he faught in the chuunin exams and passed. that night his parents and friends threw a huge party for him. he became a legend amoung the mist village. he was the youngest chuunin in mist village history.

a year later his parents had taught him jounin level mist andlevina techniques. now at his parents level of skill he begins to spar his father. winning every other time, his father proud of his son. soon kuniumi will face his worst fears and loss of his whole life.

the temple of lightning entered and the 6 tailed demon was realeased on the unsuspecting ninja and villagers on the mist village. raijuu killing all in his path. his target, the last remaining levina clan members. kuniumi, his mother, and his father. although kuniumi had a brother he wasnt a ninja. he decided to work at the ramen shop.

ninja from all over the place gathered to fight raijuu off he slowly made his way to kill the hyouton. suddenly his parents ran out and faught the 6 tailed demon. raijuu slowly being faught back he began attacking with lightning. finally he got to his parents and killed them. the young kuniumi watched as his parents were slaughtered. the dead bodies fall to the ground and their cloaks ripped to shreds. raijuu spotted him standing there and begins to charge at him. ready to kill the young ninja.

raijuu wasnt very far away. he was running at kuniumi getting ready to kill him. the young ninja gets down when a stranger appears and yells at him "get on your chest, take off your shirt, and shut up if you dont want to die" he yelled at he made handsigns. kuni got dawn and took his shirt off. not knowing why he was doing so the stranger struck his upper back and suddenly the young ninja felt like he was about to die. He fainted and lay there for hours untill a surviving mist ninja brought him back home and healed him.

about a week later he awakens. his older brother over him trying to speak. suddenly yellow chakra began covering his body and he roars. sending out a shockwave that destroys his family home. ninjas appear outside and see him jump out of the ruble. stage 2 began taking over and he killed a few of the ninjas standing close to him. soon he was on a rampage

after he was done killing his village members he fled. he decided to live in the wilderness. trainging the bijuu to listen to him and take control of his new lightning powers. feeding on wild animals and living on the edge. soon he bigins his new life in the forest

3 years later he finally gained full control over the bijuu. he controls lightning and he decides to head back and see how the mist village has prospered sence the incident with raijuu. he slowly walked back untill he saw the village in sight. he began to jog

when he got there he got weird looks from strangers. at that moment he realized that he was almost naked. with nothing but a fragment of clothes to cover him up. he ran and got some new clothes. when he came out people treated him differantly. they were scared as the realized who he was and the tragic incident that happened 3 years earlier.

he parcipitated in the jounin exams and passed. after a few months of being back in the mist village poeple finally trusted him again. the mizukage called him to his office and told him exactly what is to become of him in the mist village. the kage spoke slowly, "kuniumi, after the tragic incident 4 years ago. you have retured and has taken your place in this great village. i have received word that i will be assassinated soon. when i die, you will be taking my place as mizukage. you have earned it. now please go. i have some paperwork to fill out about mizukage position." kuniumi walks out slowly. proud that he will become mizukage and put his plans into motion. to eliminate all bijuus from existance.

2 months later the mizukage was killed. and kuni took his place as mizukage. he now led the village to its greatest time in history. now kuni is the last levina member known and mizukage of the mist village.
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