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Takashi(name change request within) WIP

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Takashi(name change request within) WIP

Post by Takashi on Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:32 pm


Name: Takashi (actually I was wondering if I could change it to Jeiku please, if not its cool)

Age: 20

Rank: Jounin (it says open in rank availability)

Village: Kumogakure

Appearance: I am around 5 feet 11 inches and have a very toned and athletic, yet slim, build. My hair is a dirty, dark blonde and is of medium length as shown in my avatar and my eyes are hazel colored. I have a slightly tan skin tone as well. My clothing consists of black pants and a black sleeveless zip up shirt-thingy. On each of my elbows there are cloth wrappings of the same color as my clothes with metal plates on them for protection. There are also fingerless gloves on each of my hands, and I have black boots with my pant sleeves rolled over them. I also sport a tattoo on my upper left arm that really serves no purpose other than to look cool.

Personality Jeiku is, by all appearances, a pretty nice guy. He is always ready to hear anyone out and is just plain easy to talk to. He likes to joke around with his close friends and is extremely sarcastic. People that aren’t close to him would call him more of an introvert since he keeps to himself mostly if they’re not acquainted with him, but this is just because he doesn’t know them yet. He is pretty intellectual and intelligent, but doesn’t really show it that much. This is when you go deeper into his persona however. He is willing to go as far as he needs to in order to get something important done, and is relentless in such acts. This completely contradicts his normal quality of weighing the circumstances before making a decision, but he knows when the line has to be crossed. These situations evoke a drastic change in personality from fun going to extremely serious.

Alignment Good but willing to cross the line if he has to.

It is believed that Jeiku was born in the village of Kumogakure but next to nothing is known of his real parents. He was found by a couple of jounin whom were part of a squad commissioned by the Raikage to eliminate a band of rogues wreaking havoc on said hidden village. When questioned by the squad, the rogues only answered that the child was taken from a family that they had previously murdered, and was to be sold off. The two jounin decided that they would take him in and raise him as their own, but also made a pact with each other not to tell him of his origins until the time was right. As he grew his parents taught him the way of the ninja and immediately noticed his outstanding potential. They enrolled him at the village academy where he graduated at the top of his class some years later.

Following his graduation, Jeiku was assigned into a squad consisting of Natsumi Naito, and his cousin, Shun Fujiwara. They’re sensei was a Jounin by the name of Daisuke Arakawa, known widely throughout Kumogakure as being a skilled and powerful ninja with the sort of threatening reputation that comes with such qualities. Their early sessions were grueling; Daisuke was not taking it easy on them because they were merely genin. He was treating them as if they were any other elites that usually made up his pupils. However hard this was on Natsumi and Shun, it went double for Jeiku; Daisuke took a special interest in him and would often force him to stay after hours to practice his lightning jutsu as that was his chakra nature and to do increasingly difficult tasks that he would dare not ask of the other two. This only served to make Jeiku loathsome of his sensei and often made him act out in ugliness to his friends out of frustration, but such did not last for long.

On one of their early missions, a C rank, the foursome was ambushed by a band of missing nin whom apparently had a grudge to settle against Daisuke. The group became separated while in the ambush, Natsumi and Jeiku were left fighting the leader of the band while somewhere nearby Shun and their sensei combated the henchmen. Jeiku and Natsumi fought with the leader but realized they could not win without the help of their sensei. Knowing that he might not show up in time, Jeiku forced Natsumi to go and to find Daisuke and to bring him back so that he could help. She regretfully agreed and went off to find the others as fast as she could, but Jeiku knew that it wouldn’t come fast enough, but at least he had saved her from this fate. He assaulted his opponent with a ferocity that only someone facing certain death in the face could muster, and surprisingly found himself matching blow for blow with the leader. Their battle continued for what seemed like forever, and Jeiku, being young still, started to slow down and succumb to the more experienced missing nin’s onslaught. He was eventually struck down and blacked out. He awoke in the Kumogakure hospital with his friends at his side and Daisuke sleeping in a chair in the corner of the room. When he asked what had transpired, Natsumi told him how when she found Shun and Daisuke looking for them and told them the situation that sensei had sped off to find him. When they had finally caught up they found Daisuke with Jeiku on his back and the defeated leader behind them, they then made their way back to the village. While hearing the story Jeiku looked over to his sensei in the corner and saw him smiling at him, and he smiled back with a sense of understanding, realizing that the reason he was able to fend off his attacker for as long as he did was because of his intense training. From then on, relations within their squad were much different.

A while later, the time came for Jeiku’s squad to be entered in the Chuunin exams, and for better or for worse, the selected village for this particular exam was their home, Kumogakure. Daisuke encouraged them by telling them they were ready, and that he was proud of the best squad he ever had the honor of leading. The three went in with their heads held high and were able to get through the written portion of the exam without any problems. Now they faced the next trial, which pitted the surving teams against the tallest mountain surrounding the hidden village. They were tasked with making it to the peak of the mountain with the scrolls issued before the exam of two other squads. They faced a squad from the hidden leaf and the hidden waterfall but were able to overcome them easily and make it to the peak second, after a squad from the hidden rock. In addition to these two, an additional two squads also made it, and then it was that the chuunin exam semifinals had begun.

During the semifinals, which was squad on squad, the group that had finished before them, the rock nin, dominated their opponents, using techniques that Jeiku overheard were advanced for this age group. He wasn’t scared though, he knew he was ready for whomever he would have to face, although this foolhardy sense could have also been brought about because now that these other nin had already faced their opponents he would not have to. Whatever the reason, this determination led him and his friends to a hard earned victory in their match against some hidden grass genin, thus securing their place in the finals. Following the trials, they realized just how close they came to losing their chance to become Chuunin and advocated there to go their separate ways in the time leading up to the finals in an attempt to become stronger.

Few knew of what Jeiku did during these months leading up to the Chuunin exam finals; he went off to train with his sensei, Daisuke, and was only heard from on few important occasions. They spent the time honing his chakra control, learning new jutsu that he would need to defend himself in the coming battle, and practicing kenjutsu, as jeiku had taken a particular interest in the art of sword combat. The time flew and soon it was time for all of the entrants to converge once again in order to face each other and determine which of them would become Chuunin. Jeiku arrived a bit early hoping to get there before his friends and surprise them. He had become far more stronger and his body showed it, and he also had a new Wakizashi tied to his waist, but expecting his punctuality, Natsumi and Jonouchi were already there. They reveled in each others presence as only old friends could , and Jeiku felt a little silly that he thought he would surprise his friends with how much he changed when he himself was astonished at the changes in them.

The squad from Kumogakure entered into the stadium that would be the stage for the Chuunin exam finals and came face to face with their opponents. The squad from Iwagakure consisted of two girls and one boy. The only thing shared between the two groups at this time was a nod of luck from the leaf boy and Jeiku; somehow, he knew who his opponent would be. The first match was between Jonouchi and Megami, one of the two leaf females. Their battle raged on for almost an hour, and they almost completely renovating the battlefield, both of them being earth types. Jeiku now truly knew that he was not the only one who had been giving it all that they had in their training. It looked as if it was going to come down to whomever had conserved enough chakra to continue fighting when the other had exhausted their supply, and that was Jonouchi. He couldn’t muster the energy to launch another counteractive technique against Megami, so instead used his wit. He forced her hand in a technique which he evaded so that it would hit a large patch of ambient dirt. This caused all of the dirt to come up and linger on the field, and Jonouchi used the advantage to circle around Megami and force a surrender from her by holding his kunai to her. The first match was over, with the cloud ninja scoring the first win, and the next match was set to begin, which would pit Natsumi against the second leaf villager, Chiyo.

Jeiku and Jonouchi watched in anticipation from the stands as the two combatants walked out onto the field. Neither of them were sure just what kind of training Natsumi had undergone; she hadn’t been very good at ninjutsu when they were still together, preferring tai and genjutsu more. Her opponent looked also like she preferred to fight with weapons judging by the naginata on her back, so then they thought that her chances would be good. The battle started as they had anticipated, both of them were fighting with weapons, Chiyo with her naginata, and Natsumi with the bladed tonfa she had often used. Neither of them were giving much ground, and it seemed as though it would result in a draw, but then the true nature of the battle was revealed. Natsumi had, by accident it seemed, threw her weapons into the air for no reason. However, upon closer examination, Jeiku could see that there were barely visible wind abnormalities flying around. Chiyo had finally started to use her ninjutsu and was a wind type. They were fighting on the body of water, and Jeiku thought that with this new revelation that it would be over for his friend, but then he noticed that the water being thrown around was not from the wind but from Natsumi. She was attacking back with her own water jutsu. Both of them probably went into the battle hoping to exhaust the other’s chakra by fighting solely with weapons. It was amazing though, Natsumi was exhibiting a mastery of water techniques that could have only come about from an intense training regimen. They fought in this manner for awhile but unfortunately Chiyo gained the upper hand when Natsumi attempted to end the battle by using a time consuming technique. Wind is unpredictable and nigh impossible to see, so while she thought she had the time, an unexpected attack came and ended it. Jeiku immediately went down to see his friend. He half expected to see her sobbing over loss, but instead found her laughing and shaking hands with Chiyo over a battle well fought. He was about to go and say how proud he was himself when someone spoke to him from behind. “Best to let them have their moment, and you wouldn’t want to distract yourself before facing me..” He turned around to see his opponent, Shun Fujiwara. Jeiku only smiled and replied that he was probably right, and then they walked together in silence to the field.

Jeiku and Shun now stood facing each other on the field; the battle had already officially begun, but neither of them made the first move. All they did was grin and at the same moment they launched at each other. They fought ferociously, Shun using powerful fire techniques and Jeiku with his lightning. If there was anything left of the field from Jonouchi and Megami’s fight, then it would have been completely and utterly destroyed by these two frighteningly devastating elemental onslaughts. It became so bad that the officials were forced to evacuate the closest seats to the ring, but that didn’t stop the two advanced genin to let up any. After continuing in this manner for awhile, both combatants decided that enough was enough and it was time to end it. Jeiku created a legion of cloud clones that would converge on Shun only to pop themselves and create a mist that would distract Shun long enough that he could prepare his technique, however, Shun used the opportunity for the exact same thing. The second the mist cleared, both Shun and Jeiku found themselves in a dilemma. Jeiku had a ring of fire circling around him, while Shun was surrounded by more than a dozen good sized raikyuu. Neither of them were able to move though as they were each in a stance that allowed them to effectively manipulate their attacks. If either one of them moved then their concentration would be broken thus rendering their technique useless, and the other would unleash their assault which would most certainly end the battle. Seeing as how neither of them intended to move, the kages came to a quick decision, and called the match a draw.

In the time following the exams it was announced that Jonuchi and Chiyo, the winners of their respective matches, would both advance to the rank of Chuunin, but nothing was said of the others. Jeiku didn’t expect to become a Chuunin, after all he did not really win his match, in fact he believed that he would have lost if the draw had not been called since he was planning to break his attack in attempt of another strategy. Some days later, during a celebration being held for Jonouchi due to his advancement, Jeiku received a message from the Raikage’s courier to come to his office immediately. He had no idea what this call was for, but set off immediately after saying goodbye and giving one last congratulations to his friend. He entered the office to find the Raikage, the Hokage, Shun, a shady man that he guessed was his sensei, and Daisuke, his own sensei. It was then that the two kages told the genin how impressed they were with their match, and that they were awarding them the rank of Chuunin for their aptitude in battle. Jeiku was astonished at this occurrence and couldn’t wait to get back to his friends and family to tell them of this revelation, but the Raikage held him behind even after the visitor from the leaf had left. He told him that he had arranged for him to undergo special anbu training, because he wished for him to be one. Jeik knew that life for anbu was an honorable one, and that he would become stronger for it, but at the cost of severing close ties. That was something he just couldn’t do so he respectfully declined saying; “I can’t do that sir, anbu aren’t eligible for taking your place when you’re ready to step down after all.” The kage of kumogakure smiled and said how if he could not take him up on this offer, then to at least continue his training with Daisuke, and that perhaps he could teach him a thing or two. Jeiku said that he would like that and then took his leave along with Daisuke; they began training that night.

The following years contained few events worthy of mention. Jeiku led a squad consisting of his two old teammates plus another Chuunin by the name of Kyosuke on several successful missions. They had become renown as one of the most successful young teams throughout Kumogakure, and were often the first choice on many missions of questionable difficulty. Jeiku and Natsumi also became quite close during this time since he finally mustered the courage to ask her out. He continued his training with Daisuke, and at times the Raikage would attend to check on his progress, or to teach him some things of his own. There was even down time for him to spend at home with his parents, helping with the shop they opened after their retirement. All seemed to be at peace and going well, right up onto Jeiku’s highly anticipated appointment of Jounin.

Bloodline I would like to join the Levina clan if I could, it is listed in clan availability as open

Specialty: Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu

Element: Lightning and Wind(recessive)

Goals:] My goals will be revealed in time(mostly because I don’t know what they are Surprised )

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