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Specialized Seal

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Specialized Seal

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:30 pm

Name: Stasis seal

Apperance: A sheet of paper that is applied to the body of a ninja.

History: This seal was developed for slowling down the death of Kumo ninja, allowing the medical ninja to get them back to the hospital in time for proper treatment, treatment that couldnt be delivered on the battle field.

This seal was adapted by the medical ninja attending Ryuu after his first time utilizing the Ninth Tail of Kyuubi. It allowed the medical ninja to get Ryuu's body to the hospital and into the critical care sector in time for Ryuu to make a full recovery.

Description: When the seal is applied to the body of a dying ninja, a freezing effect takes over the body, slowing down the process of cellular decay in drastic amounts. It also, if applicable, helps the blood clot and seal off drastic wounds, like severed limbs that have caused the user to bleed out.

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